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Features I'd like to see (updated)

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1. Having the resource and beaver numbers completely separate for each district.  I don't want to have to click on the District Center to be able to see only that region's statistics.  Ideally the info bar would stay where it is, but you could scroll through each different district.  You could even have a combined one as well at the end if you have more than 1 DC.


2. Being able to click on the name of a building (say Lumberjack Flag) and scroll through each of the locations of that type of building within a district.  This would decrease frustration IMMENSELY when trying to find a certain building in a huge map.  Similarly, if you have the combined list as suggested able you could scroll through all locations of that type.


3. More defined boundaries (maybe perhaps colors?) for different DC's so it is very clear which buildings belong to which DC (especially when Builders Huts are in play).


4. If you destroy a building that was made of any resources, you should get half of the material back as scrap to be reused in the future.


5. Quickly being able to view the growth levels of all crops of a certain type.  All wheat in selected area shows the percentages instead of having to click on each one.


6. And additional type of metal platform that is small and of varying sizes that you could build off platforms.  Say I wanted to make a tight spiral staircase and at every level put 2 Inventors (basically an inventor's tower) you could put this metal platform at every other level and build overtop of non-solid structures.  To balance this you could make it rather costly.


7. Some form of measurement tool for number of tiles.


I'll continue to add more...

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