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How to join the open alpha

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Timberborn, the upcoming beaver city-building game is now in open alpha! Our goal is to gather as much feedback as possible to direct its future development. Use your preferred method to download the game.


Download the game

For the duration of the alpha you can download Timberborn directly in the Discord client on Windows and macOS. All you have to do is use this invite link:

> Play instantly on Discord <


Follow us on Steam

We have run out of Steam alpha keys, but if you would like to be notified when new keys are available and follow the game's development, sign up using the link below or add Timberborn to your wishlist.

> Add Timberborn to your Steam wishlist <

> Sign up for future alpha rounds <


Don't forget to share your feedback!
> On this forum <

> On Steam <

> On Discord <

> Follow us on Twitter <

> Follow us on YouTube <

> Follow us on Facebook <



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How to get the key for alpha, every time when i click on sign up for alpha is redirecting me to sing in page

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Hi @Pexo, the requests are processed semi-manually in batches. Sorry about the confusion, I clarified the description of the sign up procedure to better reflect that. We just sent out new keys including yours.

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Update: We have distributed all Steam alpha keys in the current round. Big thank you to everyone who signed up and shared their feedback! You can still sign up for future rounds, but there is no timeline for when or if it will happen. We encourage you to add the game to your wishlist: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1062090/Timberborn/

For the time being you can still play the game on Discord.

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