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Experimental Branch live with new content (& contest results)


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Hi everyone!

You want to know more about Timberborn’s future and we want your say on what we’re working on. That’s why today, we’re opening up the game's experimental branch! This is an opt-in based testing ground where new content goes before hitting the main game.

We’ll talk about all the fresh stuff below, but the “experimental” part is crucial. We’re doing this to gather early feedback from the players. As a result, some experimental features will be unfinished and/or bugged, and if something sucks, it might never make it to the normal branch.

So what do we have for you? As you know, we’ve been preparing the first large content update for Timberborn – and here it is in its pre-baked form! Note that depending on the feedback we get now, there might be more (or less) content in the update’s official release.

Patch notes (experimental): 2021-11-24
To play on Experimental Branch and risk it all, follow the instructions posted in this forum thread.

New and updated resources
We’re adding new resources to the game, alternative metal sources and water plants included. We’re also updating existing resources so that they can yield more than one type of goods.



  • New resource node: Metal Deposit. These large, rich in metal ore remnants of hooman civilization can only be placed in the map editor. They provide an infinite source of a new resource, the metal ore, but are difficult to adapt for beaver needs.
  • New resource: Cattail. Yields cattail roots. Can only grow in water.
  • New resource: Spadderdock. Yields spadderdock seeds. Can only grow in water.
  • New resource: Chestnut Trees. These trees with thick trunks grow slowly, but they provide your beavers with chestnuts in addition to logs.
  • Updated resource: Pine. Pines are now also a source of pine resin.
  • Updated resource: Maple. You’ve guessed it, you can also gather maple syrup.

New and updated resource-processing buildings
Updates to resources required an expansion of available buildings.


  • New building: Mine (4000 SP; 300 logs, 300 treated planks, 600 gears; 10 workers; can only be built on top of Metal Deposits). In exchange for a continuous stream of gears and treated planks, beavers are now able to get infinite amounts of metal ore, digging deeper and deeper.
  • New building: Smelter (1000 SP; 80 treated planks, 50 gears; 1 worker; 320 HP). To be used in buildings, the metal ore needs to be smelted and turned into metal blocks here.
  • New building: Wood Workshop (800 SP; 20 logs, 40 planks, 50 gears; 1 worker; 250 HP). Creates Treated Planks from Planks and Pine Resin.
  • New building: Aquatic Farmhouse (1500 SP; 30 logs, 30 treated planks; 2 workers). Beavers employed here grow cattail and spadderdock in the designated (underwater) areas. Make sure they can reach the water!
  • New building: Tapper’s Shack (500 SP; 20 logs, 20 planks, 10 gears; 1 worker). A beaver employed here gathers pine resin and maple syrup from trees in range. You can pick the prioritized good.
  • Updated building: Gatherer’s Flag. Gatherers are now able to gather chestnuts in addition to blueberries. You can choose the prioritized good.

Multiple recipes
As a continuation of the above, we’ve implemented the ability to pick from different recipes.


  • Updated building: Grill. You can now pick between Grilled Potatoes, Grilled Chestnuts, and Grilled Spadderdock. Yield numbers vary.
  • Updated building: Gristmill. You can now pick between Wheat Flour and Cattail Flour.
  • Updated building: Bakery. You can now pick between Bread, Maple Pastry, and Cattail Crackers.
  • If a building allows multiple recipes, you need to pick one before it starts working. If you don’t, the building will display a warning. You can choose the recipe before the building is built.

Water gameplay

The ability to transfer water to higher levels is one of the most popular requests so we’ve got you a mechanical water pump! Also, Water Wheels’ behaviour is now more immersive.


  • New building: Mechanical Water Pump (5000 SP; 100 gears, 50 treated planks, 50 metal blocks; 700 HP). This pump sucks the water below and dumps it at a higher level. It can be integrated into structures made of levees to allow building open reservoirs.
  • Water Wheels now have variable HP output, depending on the current current’s strength.
  • Water Wheels will now slightly slow down the water passing through.

New attractions
It’s post-apocalypse alright but a beaver’s existence should not be only about survival.

  • New building: Lido (1000 SP; 40 logs, 20 planks, 10 treated planks; can only be built on a riverbank). You wanted the swimming pools, and here they are. Lidos satisfy Fun.


  • New building: Mud Bath (1800 SP; 30 gears, 50 treated planks, 30 water; 50 HP). Rivers aren’t always available but getting down and dirty (with bubbles!) is! And it's a hell of a Fun.


  • New building: Observatory (5000 SP; 200 planks, 80 gears, 50 pine resin; 300 HP). Stargazing is now another way of satisfying Knowledge!


Maps and Map Editor

  • All included maps have been updated to include Metal Deposits and Chestnut Trees. To maintain the in-game balance, we have removed some of the existing ruins and other trees.
  • It is now possible to place Metal Deposits and Chestnut Trees in the map editor.


  • Average Wellbeing needed to unlock Iron Teeth increased from 8 to 11.
  • Changed the time to grow Maple to 30 days.
  • When in full screen, the game is now played in the borderless windowed mode.
  • Added new resource and building icons as well as updated some of the existing ones.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing the game to freeze while loading on full screen.
  • Fixed a bug with Tribute to Ingenuity not working properly.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the Iron Teeth to place Platforms on a particular tile within Rooftop Terrace.
  • Beavers occupying slots in buildings will now be properly displayed.
  • Fixed a bug with highlighting text in text fields.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect text wrapping.
  • Fixed a bug with kits being unable to grow because of too many attractions nearby. Sorry, Peter Pan.

Known issue

  • The game occasionally freezes on macOS when changing resolution. If it happens, restart the game and it should work fine using the new resolution.

"Conquer the Helix Mountain" - contest results
Remember our city-building contest? Well, you buried us under submissions but after much deliberation and sorting through about 140 (!) amazing entries, the results are here:

  • 1st place a.k.a. Masterful Architect: Vyna#8800 from Discord ("City77")
  • 2nd place: @DoritosAniki from Twitter ("Submerged World")
  • 3rd place: IsidoroPla#1264 from Discord ("Villa Plasencius")


Check the video above to see the top three entries as well as the ten honorable mentions. From everyone at Mechanistry, big thanks to all participants and congratulations to the winners. You rock.

We'll see you on the Experimental Branch (and Discord)!

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The above has been fixed in one of the three hotfix patches we've had already. Speaking of which, here are the patch notes.

Patch notes 2021-11-26 (experimental)

Balance changes and fixes

  • Made additional tweaks to the water physics system, which should result in a more stable Water Wheels' behaviour and less violent tsunamis.
  • Made tweaks to the Nutrition needs so that it’s possible to satisfy all of them.
  • It is now possible to select Iron Teeth Smelter’s construction site.
  • Added Vyna, the Masterful Architect of Helix Mountain, to the in-game credits.
  • We have temporarily re-enabled native Apple Silicon support. If you have a Macbook Air or a Macbook Pro with an M1 CPU, please let us know (for example through Discord) if you are able to run the game without Rosetta.

Patch notes 2021-11-25 (experimental) #2


  • Fixed the Iron Teeth Water Wheels that didn't slow down the water current.

Patch notes 2021-11-25 (experimental)

Balance changes

  • Engine now generates 400 HP, up from 200 HP.
  • Large Windmill now generates up to 400 HP, up from 300 HP.
  • Windmill now generates up to 200 HP, up from 120 HP.
  • Updated building: Aquatic Farmhouse. Now costs 150 SP to unlock, and 30 logs and 10 planks to build. This should make it a good mid-game alternative to the Farmhouse.


  • Mechanical Water Pump now has its max depth listed.
  • (Raw) Chestnuts are now shown in Materials.
  • Fixed a crash caused by clicking a warning about the building requiring water (which appeared before a Lido was built).
  • The game should no longer crash on Apple Silicon machines. It still runs on Rosetta but we are working on native M1 support.
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