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November 18, 2019 Update

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The last few weeks have seen numerous updates to the game, here's a summary:

New features and balancing:

  • New, level 3 Monument - Flame of Progress! 🔥
  • Multiple buildings have been redesigned to match the new visual style of the game.
  • Carpenter now requires power - but - Water wheel and basic shafts are now unlocked by default, without having to research them.
  • Inventor's Hut no longer consumes paper.
  • You can now invert mouse wheel direction in Settings.
  • MMB now works similarly to dragging a map on a smartphone. You can restore the previous behavior in Settings.
  • Camera moves faster if you hold Shift while panning or rotating.
  • You can now swap RMB and MMB bindings in Settings.
  • Edge scrolling - Once enabled in settings, you can move camera by touching an edge of your screen with a cursor.
  • Added custom mouse cursors for panning / dragging camera.
  • Carrot fields yield more carrots.
  • Grill produces Grilled Potatoes more efficiently.
  • Bakery produces fewer Breads per bag of wheat.
  • Small warehouse's capacity has been increased from 150 to 200.
  • Overall it is now easier to feed your beavers in the early stages of the game but satisfying Nutrition III has become harder.
  • Drinking water in watering places is now faster - beavers can satisfy 100% thirst in one sitting. Previously, if a beaver got thirsty during working hours, he went to a watering place but returned to work immediately after drinking a minimal amount of water.

Bug fixes:

  • We have fixed a bug causing beavers to get stuck when trying to find a path to hard-to-reach areas.
  • The game now correctly reports the average well-being required to unlock a race as well as your progress in reaching the goal.
  • Multiple smaller issues.

All of the above was done based on your feedback - thank you!

As a reminder, you can now play Timberborn alpha on Steam and Discord.

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