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Floodgate requests


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Floodgates with finer adjustments (.1 instead of .5)

Floodgate Supervisor Station where you can assign a beaver to monitor "depth marker" linked to a set of "floodgates" and raise/lower automatically.

Dam spillway ... release water from bottom of reservoir rather then top.  It could take 2 squares.  One used as a "levee", the other is a tube coming out with a valve you can turn to adjust flow.

BTW ... I love this game !! 🙂

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I love the idea of the supervisor station.   This isn't an automation game like Factorio or ONI so we don't want computer-controlled floodgates.  But having a beaver operate it would both stay in theme and provide some interesting side effects like it not working at night.

Spillway would be great but given what I understand about how the team implemented water levels I suspect it would be very difficult to implement.  Water is implemented not as a volume but as a single polygon sheet that represents the surface level. Sometimes above and sometimes below the ground.  So while the computation for adding water from the top is reasonable, adding it from the bottom of a volume (potentially many voxels below the surface) would be very hard to do in any even approximately realistic way.

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