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Passive Faction Stat Buffs and Additional Science Buidlings

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I had an idea to help separate the feel of the two races so far, other than the unique buildings they can make, you could also introduce passive buffs to the different factions which you get and persist through their playthrough.

For Example:


  • 10% faster building speed (Due to simple building materials and technology)
  • 15% faster movement speed (Due to evolutionary differences involving building across large areas of land)

Iron Teeth

  • 10% faster research speed (Because of their focus on advanced technology and science)
  • 15kg carrying capacity per beaver (Because of their decision to use heavier building materials)

Of course those are just some ideas, and depending on what kind of buffs you would decide to give the factions, it might make Iron Teeth a more viable faction to play without simply dumping tons of super advanced buildings into their roster (and make the early game a little easier).

The other idea that I had would be additional and more advanced science stations. You could include a more advanced building that costs something like 2500 science points to unlock which will then give 6 points at a time. Also, you could have an Iron Teeth unique building that costs 1500 science points to unlock and can house 4 beavers at a time, each beaver could have their own separate bar that will fill and each time they fill individually you gain 5 science points. No matter what you decide, I would definitely like to see more science buildings other than the dinky inventor building that you just have to make dozens of in order to see any real progress for the mid-late game. 

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