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Feedback and suggesting floods and fishing

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First off, I really love this game so far, it's fun, relaxing (like most city building games) and the drought mechanic makes it challenging and more interesting, love it!

I have two suggestions that I think could make the game even better:

1) Storm/Flooding season - How about in addition to droughts, there are floods where the water level increses by 0,5 or 1 unit (my main point is the general suggestion, balancing is not my strong suit). Perhaps like temperate season -> flood season -> temperate season -> drought season -> restart cycle. I think that would give players more incentive to use floodgates and perhapy other variable barriers in the future. The effects of flooding, apart from higher water level, could be that plants drown or buildings and harvest wash away, maybe even wash away some warehouse contents if they're not build high enough above the water. Perhaps the flood could also fill water tanks whose opening is below flooded water level.

2) Fishing - Ok, I mainly just wanna see boats in the game... in my head there are like two tiers, the first cheap boat is basically just a plank/raft with one beaver on top and another behind in the water, pushing it by moving its tail. The second, upgraded boat could be a normal boat or some other clever funny beaver thing. Speaking of beaver thing, since they can swim very well, I think boats could be used mainly for fishing. For example water brings fish in some places (floods could bring more fish) so the beavers on the boat go fishing, the fish pile up on the boat, and when they come back they (and haulers) would bring the fish to the warehouse. Perhaps you could even use the potato grill to grill fish as well or have another cooking/preserving mechanic. Oh and in combination with the flood mechanic, perhaps there could be different tiers of moorings/piers. A normal one and one that can adjust the height of the boat for flooding and droughts (I guess a long enough rope could be enought to safely tie down a boat and let it go higher and lower in case of flood/drought but hey, maybe we can think of something more interesing).

Anyway, I would love to get feedback on these suggestions. It's the first time I give feedback to this game, so I have no idea if there is even the slightest chance of the devs actually reading this, but if they do: Keep up the great work! I'm looking forward to your next update :)

Greetings from Germany


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I very much like this idea of seasons, and you might even be able to take the floods a small step further. For example, very short duration flash floods where the water output of the sources is increased by a larger factor like 5 time or maybe more. But again, for a very short duration. Probably less than a day/night cycle. These would be somewhat random events, with a very loose tie to the seasons. No chance of happening during a drought season, small chance during a temperate season, and moderate chance during a storm season.
For implementation, you may consider making a distinction between water sources on the edge of map and water sources in the middle. I imagine water sources in the middle of maps are intended as natural spring sources, so floods and droughts affecting them doesn't make as much sense. 

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