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November 3, 2020 Update – Dam & Blast


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TL;DRL We have added dams, destructible terrain, custom-shaped fields, new buildings, fresh maps, updated UI, and more.

Our most explosive update ever is live! To read about Dam & Blast, watch our new gameplay trailer, and learn about the game’s future, including the Early Access plans, check out this topic. For the actual patch notes, keep on reading.

NOTE: After you download the patch, we strongly recommend starting an entirely new game. Old saves and maps may or may not break, resulting in crashes, missing buildings, and other nasty surprises.

NOTE 2: This is the largest update to the closed beta we’ve ever had. Now more than ever we ask you to share your feedback either here or on our official Discord server.

River control

  • Added water physics – water now has dynamic depth and flow, allowing you to manipulate it with dams and dynamite (see below)
  • Water may overflow depending on the strength of the current but will eventually dry out after the water levels stabilize
  • Beavers try to avoid staying in water but will drown if unable to escape
  • Buildings underwater become inaccessible, preventing them from working (exceptions apply such as already fuelled engine connected to a merry-go-round)
  • Additional systems utilizing water (such as irrigation and droughts) will be added at a later date


  • New structure: Dam (80 SPs to unlock, 10x log to build); partially blocks water, allows some water to pass through a spillway at the top; unstackable
  • New structure: Levee (120 SPs to unlock, 12x log to build); blocks water completely; stackable; beavers can walk on it, and you can put other buildings on it


  • New structure: Dynamite (250 SPs to unlock, 3x paper to build); click Detonate to blow up a single voxel of the ground underneath; adjacent dynamites auto-explode, triggering a chain reaction
  • Beavers are instantly killed if caught within an explosion 😞

Farming and forestry

  • Replaced previous farming and forestry system with two new tools: Plant Crops and Plant trees and bushes; use them to mark custom-shaped areas where you want to plant Carrots/Potatoes/Wheat or Blueberries/Birches/Maples/Pine
  • These tools need Farmhouse and Forester buildings in range, respectively
  • New building: Farmhouse (no unlock cost, 25x log to build, employs 2 workers, requires a Warehouse in range); in the building’s settings you can set a priority to either harvesting or planting, and choose the prioritized plant
  • Seedlings can no longer be harvested but can still be demolished
  • Lumberjacks now remember the areas assigned to them and automatically cut trees from that area; rumor is they use mnemonic techniques such as songs to do that
  • Gatherers automatically collect fruit from adult bushes within range

New power tools

  • New building: Power wheel (no unlock cost, 40x log to build, employs 1 worker; 50 HP output)
  • New building: Engine (200 SPs to unlock, 20x log, 5x plank, 5x gear to build, employs 1 worker, consumes 1x log per hour as fuel; 200 HP output)

Vertical building

  • Removed Scaffoldings and Footbridges
  • New building: Platform in three variants, 1/2/3-levels high (100/150/200 SPs to unlock, 4x plank and 2x/4x/8x log to build)
  • Platforms are stackable, can be built on water, allow beavers to walk on top and below; paths, stairs, and energy shafts can be built below; other buildings can be placed on top

Other buildings

  • New building: Lodge (mirrored) (no unlock cost, no additional building cost)
  • Removed Watering place
  • Water pump no longer requires unlocking, now costs 12 logs to build


  • Two new maps: Meander (128x128) and Thousand Isles (256x256), offering completely new challenges
  • Waterfalls (128x128), Canyon (128x128) and Plains (256x256) updated to encourage experiments with rivers among other things
  • Ruin modules added to the maps and the map editor as cosmetic additions; while they serve no gameplay functionalities right now, they’ll act as a source for metal later

3D visual changes

  • Replaced Water shaders
  • Water sources are now represented by a mound of stones
  • Changed crops models
  • Changed texture of desert areas

GUI changes

  • Added art to the main menu and the loading screen
  • Tweaked GUI colors
  • New clock design
  • Reorganized action bar
  • Range of all monuments is now displayed when building a new monument
  • Minor changes to building and resource descriptions
  • When in construction or planting mode, water becomes semi-transparent
  • Most tools, including tree cutting, planting and demolishing, now stick to the terrain level where the click started


  • Added music to the main menu


  • Added a toggle for disabling auto-save
  • Camera rotation speed can now be adjusted in Settings
  • Keyboard camera speed can now be adjusted in Settings
  • Adjusted edge pan camera speeds available in Settings

Bug fixes

  • The cursor no longer disappears after hitting the 70-beavers pop up
  • Material counter now can exceed 4-digit numbers. Go nuts with these logs!
  • Hovering over some UI elements in Settings no longer prevents scrolling with a mouse wheel
  • Exiting to main menu now correctly creates an exit save game
  • Fixed memory leak causing the game to use more RAM with every new or loaded game
  • Fixed a rare crash caused by InputController
  • Fixed a bug causing performance to drop over time after selecting large clusters of buildings

Let the terraforming begin!


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