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CONTEST: Conquer the Helix Mountain!

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We’re dam impressed with our community’s creativity. Enormous but self-sufficient settlements, crazy maps, artwork, concepts for future content – there’s a lot! And now it’s time for even more because we have a little contest with a special, experimental map: Helix Mountain (256x256)!


It was co-created sometime before launch by our game designer Jon and our community, assisting in the process via Twitch. Cleaned up and adjusted, it is now available. While not directly accessible in the game, you can download it below.

It works on all platforms – simply download the map and put the file in your Maps folder.

So, what’s the deal with the contest? We’re inviting you to build the coolest settlement possible on the new map and share it with the community. Here are the rules:

What’s the goal?

  • Build a beautiful/advanced/original/otherwise impressive beaver settlement on Helix Mountain (256x256). Download the map and move it to your Maps folder.
  • Have at least one working Tribute to Ingenuity (Monument 3) on the map.
  • Building anything on the actual Helix Mountain is not required… but why not do that?

Any special rules?

  • Do not modify your saves and do not use mods and other tricks not available as part of the regular gameplay. You know what we mean. Seriously, play fair.
  • Keep your final savefiles in case we’re so impressed we need to verify your entry before declaring you a winner. This means we’re gonna 99% do it.
  • Play on any difficulty level you want, including an ez-mode custom difficulty.
  • Both factions are allowed.
  • You can submit more than one submission.

How to enter?
Show us your settlement before November 7, and do it in whatever way you think gives its greatness justice. It can be a single screenshot, a series of screenshots, or even a video narrated for you by David Attenborough (no copyrights infringements, please). Remember that Ctrl+H hides your UI.

Then share it using any of the following methods:

  • A Twitter post with the hashtag #TimberbornContest
  • A post on Timberborn Reddit with a flair Helix Mountain Contest
  • A message on our Discord in the channel #contest-submissions

We’ll be checking entries on all platforms. The winning entries will be chosen at our team’s discretion so there’s no public vote at this time. However, if your submission is showered with likes, upvotes, and other imaginary internet points, it adds to the jury's consideration.

What can I win?
Eternal glory and respect among beavers, In other words, we’ll share your work with the community, you’ll become a Masterful Architect on Discord (and Reddit) and
Architect, two runner-ups and Ol' Kazko knows how many honorable mentions.

Helix Mountain Contest 256x256.timber

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