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High and Dry / The Rock (128x140) - a castle would be fitting

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"When the rising sea flooded the coasts and cities, it preluded the human fall. When the see eventually even flooded these mesa deserts, it gave opportunity to these beavers, to construct something truly remarkable, someone never dreamt of.. a castle.."

Survive at the top of a rock in the middel of the sea, that's about it.

The starting location has all the stairs, berries and trees you need. To compensate some of the log-shortage, there's also maple trees at the start available. 

At the three other cracks, you would be able to construct stairs. 

Keep in mind, that at the end of the drought, the rushing water will flood some of the islands also, but this will recede quickly.



Panorama 1.png

Top Down.png

Starting Location.png



Barren top.png

Lonely Pillar.png

Other side.png

The Rock.json

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I love that the concept of the game originally was that you help a beaver village that settled near a river survive drought season. And people are now creating playable maps that are big islands or lakes maybe someone is even creating a giant sea with a bit of land that also makes floods a problem. Awesome idea btw

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