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Big patch notes catch-up: July 16th through August 27th 2020 (The Shadow Update and more!)

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Here's a thing: we've been a bit too busy recently. While we published patch notes for the many updates that went live after July 9th to both Timberborn's Steam page and our official Discord, we failed to put them here. That's unfortunate, as we had quite a few significant changes implemented, including the addition of real shadows on August 13th. Let's just say The Shadow Update had a rather... drastic effect on how Timberborn looks. 🤩

Let us make up for it by posting all recent patch notes in this thread, one post at a time, starting with the most recent. And, moving forward, we'll do a much better job communicating through the forums. Promise! 🤞

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Patch notes 2020-08-27 (hotfix)

We have released a small patch that fixes demolishing resources. Beavers will now successfully remove mature trees and bushes from the map, so your crews can go back to messing with Mother Nature.



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Patch notes 2020-08-13 - The Shadow Update

A fresh update to Timberborn Closed Beta is now live! We call it "The Shadow Update" because, you guessed it, it adds shadows to the game. Here's a complete list of changes:

  • Things cast shadows
    • We think they look gorgeous but you're the ones to judge, so send us your feedback! Best seen in High or Ultra quality.
  • Redesigned flora
    • Trees and bushes have a brand new style to better match the overall aesthetics of the game.
  • Graphics performance
    • The game's GPU performance is now considerably better. In practical terms it means that if you play on Low quality, the game runs up to 50% faster than before, and if you're on Ultra quality, it both looks better and runs about 10% faster. Note that this update focuses on graphics performance which mostly affects the FPS on normal speed. Future updates will improve the CPU performance, which will allow you to reach higher populations, while playing on faster speeds.
  • Balancing
    • The middle/half-grown stage of trees and bushes has been removed. This is meant to simplify this part of the game, in preparation for new resources that we plan to add in the near future.
    • Birches now grow 35% faster but yield 1 log instead of 2, differentiating them from Pines.
  • Bug fixes
    • We have fixed a bug which caused the game to crash for a few people over the last week. Thanks to everyone who submitted the crash reports.


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Patch notes 2020-08-04

A new update just went live addressing a number of issues related to audio:

  • We have redesigned the underlying audio system. This should improve performance in certain situations as well as fix problems reported by many of you, such as distorted / crackling sound or no audio at all.
  • Trees and bushes now emit a distinct sound when selected. Shafts also emit a sound on a close up.
  • We have identified another bug causing beavers to ignore some trees marked for cutting or demolishing. This is hopefully now fixed.
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Patch notes 2020-07-31 (hotfix)

We have just released a hotfix patch:

  • Fixes a bug introduced yesterday which caused Forester to stop planting trees after loading a saved game.
  • Fixes a bug causing beavers to ignore some trees marked for cutting or demolishing.
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Patch notes 2020-07-30

A minor update to Timberborn is now available for download. The update makes it easier to submit crash reports:

  • When the game crashes, it generates a ZIP file with log files and a save game in DocumentsTimberbornError reports.
  • You can send that report to us with a click of a button from the crash screen. Alternatively, you can send the ZIP file to us manually on Discord.

Sometimes, you may still have to send us a bug report the old way:

  • When the game does not start at all due to hardware issues.
  • When the game does not crash but something does not work the way it should.

In those situations you can submit a traditional bug report by following the instructions here: https://mechanistry.com/bug.
You can also use the #bugs channel on our Discord server: https://mechanistry.com/discord. If you do so, please include screenshots, a save game and a log file, as explained in the link.

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Patch notes 2020-07-24

We have just released a patch which fixes a number of issues:

  • Fixes a bug causing a crash when using the new Demolish tool.
  • Fixes a bug causing a Forester to plant trees outside its walking range.
  • Fixes a bug causing trees planted by a Forester to grow at the same time which resulted in FPS drops. Note that the fix only works with newly planted trees.
  • Limits the distance that a Camera can move during performance drops, which makes problems such as the one above less irritating.
  • Resolves a bug which resulted in the "Nothing" label in the resource list to disappear in certain screen configurations.

See yesterday's update for a complete list of gameplay changes.

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Patch notes 2020-07-23

A new build of Timberborn is now live on Steam! The new version introduces two experimental changes:

New buildings

  • Labor house and Labor flag have been replaced with four buildings: Builder's Hut, Builder Flag, Lumberjack Flag and Gatherer Flag. That change addresses a number of problems brought up by the community. Most importantly, you now have better control of how many beavers cut trees, gather berries and build new structures. It also allows the game to better communicate when there is a problem which stops your beavers from working, such as a missing log pile or a warehouse.

New rendering engine

  • We have replaced the underlying rendering solution with a more modern one. The immediate effect is that the game runs on average 15-20% faster. In the long run, it will also allow us to improve the graphics of the game - a small taste of that is the newly added fog effect and slightly fine-tuned colors.


  • In terms of balancing, the game starts with an increased amount of berries in the initial warehouse but fewer berry bushes on the map.

And now... We. Need. Your. Feedback! Let us know what you think of the new buildings and if you're seeing improved (or degraded...) performance - share your observations in our Discord.

A word of caution: The new version is technically compatible with older save games but your Labor houses will be replaced with Builder's huts which do not cut trees or berries. Because of that we recommend that you start a new game. Also, for those of you who create or play on custom maps, the starting location now takes up more space: 3x4 tiles instead of 2x3. The custom map must have enough room for the larger start area, or you will not be able to play.


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Path notes 2020-07-16 (hotfix)

The latest patch fixes a minor bug causing the new resource list to disappear in certain situations.

All other changes from earlier today, including the new features are listed in the previous announcement.

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Patch notes 2020-07-16

To kick off the new incarnation of Timberborn Closed Beta, we have just released an updated build! Even though it focuses on quality of life, we are sure many of you will appreciate it.

The good stuff

  • The resource list has been revamped as per your suggestions. Resources are now grouped in collapsible panels at the top of the screen. Importantly, water is now in a separate category than food, the previous grouping was misleading for many of you. Thanks for the feedback!
  • The status icons above hungry and thirsty beavers have been replaced with ones which correspond to the new resource categories and better communicate what is going on.
  • The Map Editor allows you to zoom out much further than before, giving you an overview of a large area.
  • Minor performance optimizations.

The fixes

  • We have fixed a bug causing status icons above buildings to sometimes intersect with them.
  • One of the previous updates added a warning when you tried to place a building with an obstructed entrance. This did not work in certain edge cases which have now been resolved.

The build is already live on Steam! Don't forget to share your feedback - that's what keeps us going, it's the butter of our bread, the cherry of our cake, the nuts of our bolts, the... the... chlorophyll of our trees (?) You get the idea, we need you!


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