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Grizzly Beavers, Fish and winter: new faction, foodsource and season

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In the near future, a new race of beavers has emerged: Grizzly Beavers.

They eat salmon, which do swim upstream from the mapedge. At the points where water gets off the map, and has a minimal heigh, salmon spawn, and start to swim upstream. They disappear at the watersources. They are able to jump up waterfalls with a height of 1.

Grizzly beavers are able to fish for salmon. There is a chance of catching a passing salmon. At the waterfalls, this chance is much higher, where the grizzlies are able to grab them mid-air. 

Also: eating is much more important, because Grizzly Beavers will sleep during the Cold Season. So Grizzly Beavers' hunger bar represents fat. It increases and decreased very slow. With a full bar they can go days without eating, but when its low, they really need tons of food.

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