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Lumberjack/Gatherer Flags disconnecting from Logpile/Warehouses

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I'm having an issue where Lumberjack/Gatherer Flags are routinely disconnecting from Logpiles/warehouses. Which in turn sets all trees on the map as unreachable.

If I had to place a guess, I think the system is "checking" if there are warehouses/piles within range with each tick, which is causing considerable performance issues, because when they disconnect, it marks all trees as unreachable, cancelling beaver movement, and then has to reflag as reachable and ready for cutting when the storage spaces reconnect. This can happen 15+ times in a minutes. Which leads to a lot of confusion for the beavers movement/assignment AI, I would presume. 

 I'm not a game dev, but IMHO storage is pretty stagnant, and I don't think they need to be checking as often as it currently is. Realistically I think it really only needs to look in a handful of circumstances:

  • Flag is Built/Destroyed
  • Storage is Built/Destroyed
  • Flag/Warehouse is Toggled On/Off
  • Warehouse Reaches/Unreaches Max Capacity
  • Beaver Assigned/Unassigned from flag. (Job Assignment, not tree cut assignment)

I think cutting down how often these are checked, will fix the issues and drastically improve performance. 

Attached is a screenshot, as well as the save file, and log files. I was running at x7 speed, and you can see the flags, and all the trees flicker in and out of state pretty routinely. I can do a screen record if needed. 


Exit save 2020-08-01 15h24m, Day 109.json Player.log

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Hi @mskiescherWe have looked into this and it appears that there is in fact a problem with the blinking icons but it does not affect the actual behavior of beavers - for the most part they are two separate things. So we will be addressing it as two issues: one with the blinking icons and another one with beavers ignoring some trees.

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