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琵琶湖 Lake Biwa 256x145 (Shiga Prefecture, Japan)

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This map is a reproduction of the real world.
The location is Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture, Japan.
Google Map

Lake Biwa is of tectonic origin and is one of the world's oldest lakes, dating to at least 4 million years ago.
It is the largest lake in Japan, and serves as a reservoir for the cities of Kyoto and Ōtsu and is a valuable resource for nearby textile industries.
It provides drinking water for about 15 million people in the Kansai region.

Since it is a natural dammed lake that has existed since ancient times, survival is extremely easy.
Iron resources are placed where there are populated cities, historical sites, and skyscrapers.
Enjoy it as a sandbox.



Lake Biwa 256x145 (Shiga Prefecture, Japan).json

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minor upgrade
-More accurately reflects the areas that will flood when the water runoff is stopped.
-The placement of iron resources has been adjusted.
-Inukami River has been added.
-On Hard, the difficulty level has been adjusted so that if you are not careful, you will be annihilated.

Tips: Beavers can swim and they can build buildings on the water. The huge lake is not an obstacle for beavers.





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I am excited about the new updates to Timberborn.

Lake Biwa ver3

  • The mountains have been adjusted and made more livable.
  • Otsu is now a more livable terrain for Iron Teeth.
  • The depth of Lake Biwa has been adjusted, making it easier for Iron Teeth to fetch water from the west side.
  • Endless iron resources are located in Mt.Ibuki (there really are mines there) and Mt.Horai.
  • A skyscraper ruin has been added in Kusatsu.
  • The slopes are all over Lake Biwa, so it's easy to create new districts in the distance.

This DOESN'T work before the EXPERIMENTAL ver.



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