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Prioritization of buildings

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I have one suggestion for survival, or something. It would be good to add a way to prioritize buildings in terms of employment. Or, failing that, add a button to force employ a beaver in a certain building.

The reason is, that it has happened to me several times, and I am sure I am not alone in this, that the drought ended and all the water pump operators died of thirst. The colony would've been OK, if the beavers could've been forced to switch jobs, but the time was so tight that the whole colony died out.

Another example - I had a medium sized colony (~60 beavers) with 3 pumps. So far, not a problem. Then I sent 10 beavers to a new district and the game chose 2 of the 3 pump operators. My attention was then caught by the new colony and when I looked at the old one, I found that they are all thirsty and just starting to die of thirst. I managed to pause some buildings to force beavers to swap jobs, but I don't think this speaks very highly of beaver intelligence.

In both cases, if I was able to set the water pumps as high priority buildings, which must be crewed before any other building can, both of these scenarios could've been avoided. I think this is really a quality of game improvement, because I can force the beavers to switch jobs, but I have to pause several other buildings, which can be done in 0 game time, so it is just a cumbersome way to do it.

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I agree with this with one addition. While revamping the employment system, I think it would be good to add additional information to the list of building on the top left. Right now it shows 2/4 where the left is number of workers allocated and right is possible available workers. I would like an additional section like 2/4 (-1) which shows that there is one slot in demand that is currently not filled. This would help with figuring out what was left unfilled when a beaver dies so I can more easily allocate my workers where I want. Removing a builder to fill a waterpump but have them inexplicably disappear is frustrating and more time consuming than it should be. That is all, just a simple UI change to help remove some frustration.

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