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October 18, 2019 Major news!

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You haven’t heard from us in a while but we have plenty of exciting announcements!
1. New build is now live!
2. Game name! The game finally has an official name: Timberborn.
3. Steam! You can now find us on Steam and add to your wishlist: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1062090/Timberborn/
4. Teaser! Steam is also where you can watch our alpha teaser!
5. Forums! We have completely revamped our forums.
6. Newsletter! Join our newsletter at https://mechanistry.com/

The build brings a number of changes:
1. Style! We have redesigned a big part of the graphics. Most buildings now have new models and the rest will be replaced in the nearest future. Also, buildings are now surrounded by a narrow gap which allows beavers to navigate more freely around the settlement.
2. Audio! We have added the first batch of sounds. We will be adding more in subsequent updates.
3. Paths! You can now build paths which are faster to walk on than dirt... and they make your settlement look way cooler!
4. Water! Beavers now have a new need: thirst. And with it come three new buildings!
5. Deletion tool! You can now mass bulldoze buildings instead of deleting them one by one.
6. Improved tree cutting tool! One of the top requested features, it allows you to mark trees for cutting depending on their growth stage. That way you can spare those saplings until they grow and yield more wood.

Below is a preview of the new graphics (still a work in progress):

Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 17.23.42.png

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