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Prioritizing Beaver Employment in Buildings

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When I first started the game it was not obvious how to get the beavers to build or chop wood. At first I thought I had to select each beaver to tell it what job to do, I also discovered that if I assign too many tasks that the beavers did not prioritize tasks essential to survival such as building water gather points and collecting berries. I had to disable a couple of the building tasks in order to allow those essential tasks to be carried out. By the time I figured that out a couple of the beavers had died of dehydration.

Later in my playthrough I ran out of berry bushes in the area closest to my initial base. I built a new berry gather point in a secondary area while I was in the process of producing food from my carrot and potato fields. However at first I did not realize I had to disable buildings until I forced the beavers to work at  the new berry gather building and so ended up with all but 3 beavers dying of starvation.

As a way to help with those issues it would be helpful if there was a button to prioritize the construction of a building. I also think it would be nice to have a button to give a priority over any available beavers in order to be staffed. This would help prevent starvation in early game due to food production not getting staffed. Plus it would help with any potential production bottlenecks and ensure whatever projects you are working on have all the required materials.

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