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Hi there, I've enjoyed the game so far and would like to add some input on some new things that could make the game even more fun.

Boats/ships- Instead of having platforms everywhere, I'd like boats and ports. They could be slower and cheaper transport across bodies of water rather than building bridges. From small log canoes to ferries and freighters.

Stone- a different type of ground material, hard to dynamite, but can be mined. Stone buildings.

Farming- New crop varieties as well as buildings and labor needed to process them.

-Rice- needs to be submerged in a specific amount of water

-flax/hemp/cotton/silk- some sort of crop for clothing. Clothing could be used to increase endurance or some other stat. Hemp can be used for sails if you implement boats. Silk requires silkworms and mulberry trees, could be nice for aesthetics and decorations.

-grape- make wine! Increased fun but decreased strength and work speed. Could make distillery buildings and taverns. Berries could also be used for alcohol too.

-flowers- possibly for aesthetics?

Steam pump- since you already have something like a steam engine, having a steam pumped water building is also useful. Could be used for drainage and maybe pipeline to water tanks and reservoirs

Science- I feel the research tab is a bit simplistic with just one building, perhaps split it up into different sorts of research for different types

-weather service- research to determine wet/dry season lengths.

-charcoal- used for heating, could be useful if there's winter

-research on improving buildings- like a research tree to boost water wheel hp or improved paths for walking speed

Leisure- leisure occupations at night could give new jobs

-temple- add a priest job?

-theater- I'd love to see beavers acting out a play

-library- the books system could be used for the library to increase knowledge

-school- a place for the young ones, boost stats


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Finally getting a good grip on the game, one idea is for the distribution center allowing for things like carts or the ability to move larger amount of items at once would be great. Like the wet and dry seasons but adding a flood like season would be cool

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