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Suggestions for future updates

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The late game feels kinda stagnant. But there is a lot of potential to be had in this game, especially considering that it is early access. 

One thing that would make it better is if the droughts got progressively longer... forcing you to manage your water better or continue to upgrade your dams and wood supply. To counter it, perhaps some of your storages could be upgraded with science points? Say the water tanks hold more water or the irrigation towers drain slower? 

Something I love about this game is the log-based rotational power. I think it would be cool if we could store that energy in giant wooden flywheel batteries!

Other things I would like to see are maybe more resources like quarries to get an unlimited amount of metal or maybe stone. also adding natural disasters like fire during the drought. tornadoes? Maybe some kind of way you can upgrade your buildings to survive them using other materials? What about rival factions invading your beaver city? Conscripting beaver soldiers to fight them? Just some things to think about. I am excited about the future of this game.

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The hard mode already makes you have 24 day long droughts.

I think the lenght of the drought stops increasing in normal after going to 6-8 days long due to lack of content for this early access. It might also be there to encourage players to get more districts.

The batteries are a cool idea, but it is a thing id like to see in the late game, it is the same with the quarries you should be able to build them with metal.

fire would make sense during a storm or just something deciding to burn from a building with fire near it (campfire, the flame of progress statue) and for tornadoes I have no idea how could they implement that well for right now.

Rival factions is a very interesting idea, but I think it is something to add when they decide to make special maps for pvp, pve or when they make auto generating maps wich would be very hard to do.

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