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Late game balancing using resource sinks

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The first couple of cycles in Timberborn are really tight. You have to rush to get your first dam to survive the first drought and before I have a couple of those large water tanks I'm often on the edge of losing just before a drought ends. I love this mechanic because it really tests how good your preparation is and how well you balanced population growth with preparation for a drought.

However, one solution to this challenge is to just produce water storage and food until you have 10 times the stuff you need. Once your production is that efficient you can just play the game as if it was a creative game. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but takes away so much pressure and also some of the joy I have when I start a map.

To counter that I would love to see some more resource sinks in the game. Here are some examples I could think of:

- Building maintenance. Every building could have some maintenance cost of 10% of the original cost to build it (per cycle). This could be limited to only of the resources needed (e.g. if a building needs 30 logs, 20 planks, and 10 gears, the maintenance cost could be 1 gear/cycle. If the player doesn't have the resources to keep the buildings up, their efficiency could go down (house could offer lower quality of housing, production buildings could produce stuff slower and monuments could give less Awe. A water tank might even lose some of its water and break.

- A railroad system. railroads could be a meaningful way to distribute resources around your map. However, the train would need Energy to move, so logs could be used as fuel.

- A festival. Once every (nth) cycle the beavers want to celebrate being alive. They do this by wasting lots of food, wood, and water. Having these festivities is optional, but celebrating them fills a desire bar with a very useful bonus that increases after every festivity. However, to fill that bar you have to use up more resources every time. If you skip the festival, the bonus and the resources needed reset. The festival can be a large building that becomes a construction site on the first day after the festival.

- Tools. Beavers can work with their hands, but they can be more efficient if they have tools to work with. You could add another resource (stone) that is needed to create basic tools (stone + log) and add some buildings that actually require these tools to operate (like a mine, which produces more stone, and some iron as well).

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I want to second all of these, I've been having some issues of resource buildup in my beaver colonies because some resources I use so intermittently if I'm not on top of stopping and starting production I start filling up storage depots with a single resource getting to the point where I don't have room for food or water to be transported to districts in dry areas.

The Maintenance system I think is particularly great because it also helps keep sprawl down in the mid game. Instead of just filling up your districts with tons of storage buildings it means we have to be a little more careful with what we build and where.

I also really like the festival idea! It would be super cool to see the beavers take a few days off and maybe there could be some leisure buildings that you can build that get extra use during the festivals or are festival specific.

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I want to second seconding all of these. Except for the railroad system. I feel like that's a bit too big of a technological step. I'd prefer to see the beavers use carts to just increase the amount of stuff they can transport in distribution networks. Although maybe a train could be a fun faction-specific development.

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Those ideas seem nice, but the railroad is too much imo.
I would like an elevator of some sorts, as you could run it with the power shafts.
or maybe wheelbarrows for the beavers so they can carry more.

-Tools: im constantly thinking of a coal-fired chainsaw

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