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Idea: Leisure Activity - Swimming Pool

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Now that beavers can swim, it seems logical that beavers would enjoy being in the water.  Given also that damming a river is a near must for the dry season, it stands to reason that we should have a leisure item that can be plunked down near a reservoir or dynamited hole in the ground that would 'call' to beavers to enjoy the swimming hole/pool during their off hours, and/or give a small comfort/happiness boost.
Some mechanical thoughts:

  • The deeper the water pit the better increase for comfort/happiness up to a 3 or 4 water level
  • The leisure item that turns the area into a swimming pit is area restricted (area of effect)... maybe a grid of 4 or 5?
  • Depending on how much comfort/happiness by default (or max) is granted, maybe there can only be one swimming pit per district.  Alternatively, you could have as many swimming pits as you wanted, but they only grant a small comfort/happiness boost.  Or, once a beaver receives the bonus, they can't get the bonus again for a set amount of time, like a day or something.
  • The swimming pit could be also upgradeable - different leisure items convey different levels/ranks of comfort/happiness based on different effects...  like speed, breeding, efficiency, spirituality, etc.
  • The area of effect cannot have any mechanical devices such as pumps or taps or waterwheels or other such power devices within its radius, or no benefit is conferred.  That would hopefully cut down on the spamming the whole river with swimming pits for cheap benefits.
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