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Okay, so far it's a good game and you guys have done a great job. It's been stable after 24 hours of play with no crashes or obvious glitches, so great job with an alpha product.

Now for the gripes.

Landscaping! There needs to be a manual way to landscape. Explosives are too far end game. Manual digging should be an option. Maybe have different soil qualities require different amounts of time to clear. Have scaffolding as an option in order to dig out different levels and maybe have it cheaper than the elevated platforms. Maybe also have a tool quality mechanic (wood, stone and iron tools) and tool smith in order to do the digging. Explosives should be a goal because it is quick and cool.  :)

Canals. Landscaping should include canals to get water further into the city. The irrigation tower should also hold its water when put on pause, or have an option to hold water until needed instead of always draining so that it can be a better drought tool. Water should be an ever present theme across all areas given that it is a natural habitat for beavers.  :)

Social and fun. There needs to be more options and the research probably shouldn't be quite so high for simple things. Things like small and large pools to increase happiness/fun. Luxury homes that comes with pools maybe?

Schools, hospitals, and higher education options would greatly expand on the need for the knowledge/books mechanic.

Speaking of Research. It seems like some things are a bit high for costs, but that's just my impression.

Districts. So far, not a fan of it. I think instead of a separate district, you should just have the district building (or a similar building) greatly expand the buildable area while the builder's building does so in smaller increments. A true district should be another map location...which would make for a great campaign setting option.  :)

Resource Generators. Buildings making planks, gears etc. should have the ability to add more workers, increasing the production speed. Not by a huge amount, but maybe 10% per extra worker to a max of four or five workers. I find it is difficult to make enough planks to keep up with growth...especially since every map I've tried thus far hems the population in with no way to landscape from the beginning.

Map Diversity/Randomization. The maps need more diversity, larger sizes and maybe even randomization. Scrap metal so far as been ridiculously far away, making it impossible to produce explosives because the building requires it. Maybe have smaller piles of scrap as opposed to only being gathered from the bones of giants? Certainly more evidence of ruins and perhaps even near obvious landmarks...like the Golden Gate bridge.  :)

Threats and defenses? Are the humans really gone? What other creatures have become like the Timberborn? What relics could be found in those ruins? Also greater weather shifts including winter instead of just drought, where water freezes and so there needs to be some kind of research to prevent that...at least for town supplies and homes. Heavy snows could bring floods, requiring the need for levees.  

Mods. I know this is still alpha, but make sure you include mod support at the end. Mods make the game playable beyond what you created and keep it from becoming stale. It is because of mods I still play games that are easily 20 years old.

Hope that helps. Keep up the great work.  :)

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