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Quest for the Ancient Aquifer (32x36)

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In this narrative-driven 32x256 map, you'll start as a small colony in a fertile area. But the ever worsening droughts will force you to expand in search of new water sources and farm lands. Legends also tell of a far away ancient aquifer... will you be able to make your way to it across the treacherous and barren landscape before it's too late?

My aim with this map was to provide the player with a goal to work towards. I also varied the terrain style for each 32x32 "chunk" to force new building and expansion strategies to make the best use out of the terrain in the narrow space available.

I've only just started my playthrough on it, so if you do play this, please share any feedback or screenshots from your adventure!









Quest for the Ancient Aquifer 32x256.json

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Great map design! honestly this showed me that timberborn can be more than just a city builder but more of an actual puzzle game requiring several redesigns at each 32 block. The restriction of space coupled with the tiered approach is a brilliant concept, this was hours of fun! Thank you! Especially the first 64 blocks were a nice puzzle trying to balance food, water and power! Did not quite know what to do with the last block besides it just looking nice. If you make more maps with this quality and complexity do let me know!

My progress:


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