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A few enhancement requests for the current storage system:

- Set storage rules on the plot while it is still under construction (I will often put down a warehouse for a specific purpose, but don't notice when it finally gets built. This leads to random goods being in the warehouse before I can set the desired products)

- Name warehouses (Similar to above, I often construct warehouse for specific steps in supply chain, and would like to be able to name them easily

- Shortcuts in warehouse building pane to set allowed storage to categories of goods. e.g. (Food, Lumber Products, Metals, "Complex Goods")

- "Usable for Irrigation" toggle on water tanks. I'd like to maintain a minimum amount of drinking water near populated areas during droughts without disabling all of the irrigation towers

- Chart where you can see goods consumption vs production per cycle

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Agree and adding my sentiment to some of these

-Setting storage rules on warehouses while they are in process would be incredibly helpful

-Naming warehouses (and any building really) would be great.  Would love to also maybe have a decorate option of a giant sign or rooftop design that I could build to give some personality to some warehouses.  A giant silly carrot roof for my carrot warehouse for example.  


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I would like to add a hard stop to certain items in storage as well.

If I set my carrots to 1000 max in an underground storage unit, I don't want the beavers putting in 2500 just because there was extra space.


Also, When turning off a storage item so it is not allowed in the storage, they should automatically start removing that item from the storage.

I shouldn't have to turn off berries from a unit > empty storage entirely > let them refill it to remove the pesky 350 berries they jammed in first before I noticed. If I turn the item off, it should be removed. 


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