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  1. There was also the idea that using levees to route water, but levees are only built on ground or other levees, its a shame you can't make , basically and aquaduct/viaduct, it that the levees are on top of the platforms so you can have water running over your cities etc.
  2. Was this on Hard mode? - yeah it's tricky, but definitely rewarding once you've figured out a way around it XD
  3. With that wide river - I don't blame you on it. best of luck!
  4. Had a good go at it with the iron beavers, got to about cycle 8 (Hard) and died from basically not balancing the numbers of them well with the water supply - will go at it again it should be smooth sailing when you have leveed a reservoir at the start of the flow at around 5 tiles high and 6x6 (ish) square. Good challenge and good fun - especially tight on the resources, place water, woodcutting, gatherer and a farm asap as your first things, and then plant as soon as you can, it's unforgiving if you don't. On my first try I got down to 1 adult and 2 children - luckily.
  5. any chance of a picture? Thanks.
  6. browse directory in edit maps in the game
  7. looks fun, thanks for making it
  8. The first Beaver Type relies on Housing to reproduce, at least 2 adults in a house will produce offspring and will self limit to the room available, to some extent. The Iron Beavers rely on the breeding pods and will need 2 berries and 2 water to produce offspring in it. However this can, if left unchecked, lead to population booms faster than you can proved for if left unchecked. (Would like a condition of [IF Population is < X, Production = TRUE; IF Population is > X, Production = FALSE; ] of something of the effect on the pods just to be able to cap it manually)
  9. The bridges are halves, so a 6x1 will do a 12 block gap. as the beavers will cross the first half to place down the next half. The beavers do traverse water without drowning. However a Ladder would be a good compromise as that would use wood.
  10. I'd be curious to see if they introduce a form of hydroponics for it, so that they would be farm lands on top of buildings, but would take metal to make as it's an advanced tech?
  11. Yeah, I can see forgetting to place a single path on a platform on lvl 1 and get to lvl 7 and find the odd one out. Its a good way for space saving with the Wood and comfort loving beavers.
  12. It does, but you can't plant while submerged, only during drought (I think)
  13. Going to give it a go tonight
  14. Hi, Here's a Beginner map, and one for those who want to play around with their own ideas etc. The design is a lazy river, while it traverses through what seems to be an old beaver settlement. Maybe you can do better than those who came before? Beginner - Surviving those who came before.json
  15. I did this too. And can concur with OP about the fact that it makes the irrigation tower redundant. Edit: even before dynamite, used Levees to contain a block of water.
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