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  1. 20+ suggestions to make this game better. Number 17 will shock you!!!
  2. Let me put levees on top of metal platforms so I can make aqueducts that don't look like, and function as, giant walls.
  3. Just note that beavers can't walk over flood gates. You'll need to construct a bridge. Furthermore, flood gates require more resources to make. If you're just gonna build it and leave it at 0.5 below max height, a dam would be cheaper.
  4. I like the automation ideas that you and many others have put forth, but I'm thinking it should be a new faction that gets automation with a trade off of lower fertility and/or greater resource consumption. ie. give them a reason to have to automate just about everything.
  5. Sorry if this is old news, the search function isn't working for me. So I just did a little experiment with irrigation techniques. The Irrigation Tower will irrigate 10 tiles away from itself, requires almost constant attention, and a lot of water. Rivers irrigate like 16 or 17 tiles away just by existing. So here was my thought, can I blow a single tile with dynamite, construct a water dump to fill it, irrigating the same distance as a river, and leave it alone? Yes, I can. The water does eventually evaporate away, but it takes days. This seems to be a better method of irrigating land.
  6. Sometimes I just can't quite put a building where I want to because of the location entrance. It would be nice if there was an option to mirror the building. Doing so with the lodge would remove the need to have a mirrored version, as well. Just my 2 cents.
  7. This map is so big my game freezes for a few seconds every time it autosaves.
  8. As a friend in Denver says when I'm out that way, "Friends don't let friends take I-70."
  9. TaterNuts

    [MAP] Kinda Sus

    There are 2 gophers among us.
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