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  1. Yeah, there is a button that allows you to clear resources. The beavers have to do it manually so will take labor, but it's there. Plants, as a general rule, don't immediately cease to exist when you decide you won't be replanting.
  2. This would be very helpful. At the very least an easy reference to expiry times on hunger/thirst and nutrition 1, 2, and 3. Expiry time on fun, spirituality, and other stuff to would be great as well. If we had the expiry rate on each of these in the lifestyle pane that would be enough for me. (Hunger might need account satisfied let each type of food, and water amount of time per water as well, since one unit does not fill the whole bar.)
  3. I like that you have new challenges pop up similar to in the story. I'd also like to see an added record to completing the game (single save hardcore) meeting those conditions in least time. Would add an extra challenge for the pros.
  4. Done additional thoughts to consider, especially regarding balancing. Maintaining power, particularly at the times you want to maintain power, is meant to be a challenging aspect of the game. Simply adding a building like this will be hard to balance appropriately. Other things to consider further are the realism. That said, I think with some modifications it is still a good idea. First main point is that in the primitive stages of ingenuity alternating current would not exist so readily. Adding in a power station as an additional prerequisite to any section of batteries, placed in betwe
  5. Probably has more to do with the calculations of beaver activity. Beavers don't work outside of working hours which results in significantly fewer options therefore smaller/faster calculations and reduced lag. At night they either sleep or socialize/pray/play. Maybe drink/eat. Each of those they do according to their bar being lower. An entirely more complicated algorithm is used to see if beavers will, for example, cut trees (from where?), move lumber (to where?), or do a necessary task to satisfy lifestyle.
  6. I have done limited testing, but wind appears to be static over the whole map. It's either on for the whole map or off for the whole map and the power/direction is accordingly uniform.
  7. Exactly what Kennedy said except to add that this also works for plants. Want to upgrade carrots to potatoes? Use the cancel feature and then when the whole area is clear you can plant the whole area at once (admittedly creates some downtime for farm beavers though if you leave unattended too long) It would be nice if you could change the planting strategy while plants were still growing though, shouldn't be a hard change to implement. You might even be able to.
  8. For clarity, did they transfer logs across the district in the same way? Or did they take logs from the new pile back to the old pile until it was emptied (zeroed out)?
  9. Yeah, the flags have one direction that connects to the path, and yours are not rotated correctly.
  10. Couple notes on this: 1) some people have over a thousand beavers in their population. This means that 50-60 beavers are doing every day. The coding (and processing) required to track, remember, and then display this data could be very challenging. 2) Sadness when another beaver dies is a compelling idea. That said, I think your best (and more natural) limitation to the scope of this effect would be too have those sharing a Lodge with that beaver to be affected. It's reasonably confined and also controllable. Early game when your lodges house 3 beavers it's a low number of beavers ef
  11. From another post. Put here to combine
  12. Chandarin


    Default map size (128^2 I believe it was) Two sources, one outlet. Mountainous terrain with good flat starting areas, tougher to access metal. Easy start, more challenging late game (I think) Mostly made because I was bored, but figured I might as well share. Caldera.json
  13. Waterwheels could also work nicer (as well as other functionalities) if flood Gates could be more precisely controlled (.1 increments instead of .5)
  14. Best way is probably to replace 3-4 dams with levees in the bottom right. Where channels narrow the flow rate increases, just like when you cover the end of a hose with a finger. It works in the game too.
  15. I could see this if it still cost a route use (one of your ten) until it was finished.
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