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  1. That would be a flow-control gate, and while I don't really have anything against the idea of that, it's also not really what I'm asking for as it wouldn't solve my issue. I want fixed heights for my floodgates to staging, but also want them to still hold back water completely during a drought. The existing floodgates do that well, I just want more increments for them, instead of 0, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 - I want 0, 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, etc.
  2. So, I've mentioned this in other threads where people are hating on districts, but I will re-iterate it here again: As a game developer (software engineer) who works on AI, the main reason for the districts is to keep the pathing and path network logic simple and fast. It's also for efficiency so players don't get themselves into really bad situations where beavers start doing something like hauling goods completely across the map and spending a whole day doing that, and not being able to get back 'home' in time to eat, sleep and maintain their social activity. Keeping your population bro
  3. It's strange to me that so many folks seem to be having trouble with Districts. They are really simple. Just think of each District as a new colony with all of the same basic needs: water, food, wood - and set them up accordingly. In my playthroughs, every district has: foresters, farms, water collectors and water storage so they can be self-sufficient. Beyond that, I specialize them based on what makes sense. If a district will be the launching point for other districts in the future, I will setup a ton of housing/breeding and tons of extra wood and food to export. Usually I make my central d
  4. Yeah, good points. The Export/Import buildings are super important, and when I'm going to start a new district, I pre-plan the buildings and basic needs layout as much in advance as possible (usually before I even migrate folks over) so they have a plan of attack the moment I migrate them. Then pre-Export some logs, planks and food for a few days, again before I even migrate. And I wait until I have around 12-16 beavers I can throw into it at once to get it off with a bang - that's 4 in the District Center, 2-4 Lumberjacks, 1-2 Gatherers (if there are berries), 2 for Water Pumps, then get a Bu
  5. Can you imagine the queues to get onto the elevator when the beavers are all trying to get home at night or to work in the morning? ;D Probably half your beavers would spend all day just waiting for a lift, lol.
  6. Just FYI - in both my playthroughs to date, both the basic beaver race and the Iron Teeth, I've had no issue with exponential growth. As long as you have plenty of available housing in each district, you will get plenty of new kids being popped out. The more districts with space available, the more exponential the growth. Same with Iron Teeth - just make more and more and more Incubation Chambers or whatever they're called. Growth is as explosive as you want to make it, and when you want to cap it, just reduce your available housing or incubation pods to suit. With the normal tribe, they won't
  7. Irrigation towers are incredibly inefficient and should only be used as a last resort - ideally you would put 100% of your farming immediately around one single tower for a whole district. They burn through ridiculous amounts of water, especially in a drought.
  8. How would you suggest storing kinetic energy like that? It's not like beavers have copper and electricity and chemicals, the "power" in the game is physical power e.g. kinetic energy, not electric.
  9. I'm not sure I understand what's going on there... also "Engine"? Are you playing using mods or something? I don't have any such building in my game.
  10. I'm not sure I understand what you're saying.
  11. It's not possible right now, but I agree that it would be a great feature addition to be able to sort job types similar to how some other city builder games (like Foundation) do it.
  12. Nah, I don't need anything nearly that complex. The easiest solution to implement for the devs is all I need, and that's the ability to step-down Floodgates at increments more fine than half-level. Quarter-level or fifth-level increments on all existing floodgates would be enough increments and should be a simple solution for the devs to implement. No special logic or programming necessary, it's just a quick change to a UI element and an existing logic element.
  13. Build temples? Build carousels? Try to satisfy every need level in the Goals system? Figure out how to colonize that awkward part of the map? Build and supply a ton of Explosives Factories and terraform the map into your perfect paradise?
  14. I've had no trouble with the district system, personally, though I agree it is a little rough to get the research done into it in the early game. That being said, as a game programmer, the district system certainly makes a huge difference to the overall performance of the game due to pathing calculations, and makes a lot of the numbers easier to crunch. The game devs have provided pretty simple to use UI for moving population around between districts as well, so I've found little trouble in managing them. The only thing I think they could maybe improve a little is a cleaner UI for mi
  15. I considered this too, but it doesn't solve the issue as that would only control FLOW RATE, not the water level on the incoming side. What's most important for me is to set the minimum outflow LEVEL, not rate, because the level is what's important to keeping things flowing without needing to constantly feather/tweak, and to keeping water wheels spinning. With flow rate controls, you would still need to feather them frequently so that wouldn't be much of a QoL improvement. Flow rates will vary over time and during draughts, but setting minimum levels on floodgates would ensure that a certain di
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