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  1. Version 2. Basically the same except the generation was adjusted to have more height between the bottom of the rivers and top of the land. GrandCanyon 256x200 v2.zip
  2. i70 through Glenwood Canyon in Colorado is said to be one of the most scenic areas on the interstate highway system and was a marvel of engineering due to the steep cliff walls and rough Colorado river carving it's way through the terrain. It is a dangerous area in real life, prone to land slides during the warmer months and avalanches, snow storms, and ice storms during the colder months. But it is also a key route for travel between the midwest and western US and tourism for skiers in the Colorado Rockies. This game map is created using real topographical data of a section of the G
  3. The Grand Canyon, a deep gorge carved by a river through the dry shrub land of New Mexico. There are trees and berries near the starting area, but far more are down in the gorge. Farmland is mostly limited to the starting area unless you build dams and irrigation canals. Map is generated from real world topographical data with some minor edits so the river flows the correct direction and has a fertile starting area. GrandCanyon 256x200.json
  4. I'm generally a 'never enough space' type of person but I actually had a lot of fun with this map. Population isn't stable though, the food can't sustain 700. The stockpile will slowly dwindle over 5-10 cycles, mostly during the droughts when power nearly stops, and eventually births can't keep up with starvation and the population will drop to around 400. Only takes a single cycle to recover though.
  5. Chugging along. Wheat, Carrots, and Baked Potato production running. But wont be enough to sustain 500 beavers. Going to be focusing a lot more on bread since it seems to have a much better return on space used. Everything is being produced now though. Reservoir, power plant, and housing for ~140 beavers.
  6. Why nerf it? Let people play how they want to play. If somebody thinks that makes the game to easy they could just not use it, same as choosing hard mode instead of easy mode. I've never thought of doing that, now that I know of it, I still wont do it. More fun to have my beavers undertake massive engineering projects rerouting rivers and making irrigation canals with dams and aqueducts.
  7. Sorry, didn't think of doing this earlier, I'm not to knowledgeable with forums anymore. Mountain Peak Starting area: Mountainside-peakstart.json Plateau starting area: Mountainside-plateaustart.json Swamp starting area: Mountainside-swampstart.json
  8. My current game, on the small Diorama map, going to try and take it to 500 beavers like the last game. Food will be the main issue without cleaver river routing, which I have already started progress on. Just a matter of growing tons of trees to use for levees to make aquaducts for power and fertile ground.
  9. My largest so far, over 500 beavers. Mountains map, easy mode. Main district in the center of the map. 2nd district: 3rd district: 4th district, brand new and still in the terraforming stage, will get built when they finish the aqueduct if I continue playing the map.
  10. Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink (because beavers can't swim and drink at the same time. 😛 ) Looks beautiful. Need a download link to give it a try some time..
  11. Odd, clicked them all and they work for me.
  12. Going with the post human theme, if humans where to vanish than nature would reclaim the planet. So any fertile ground would be covered with vegetation, basically anywhere near water. Your beavers found a lush mountainside to form their new community. There are many springs in the mountains providing tons of water and places for dams, an over abundance of trees, and being a mountainside it has various types of landscape to make use of. The map is 256x256 and transitions from mountains, to plateaus, to hills, to a swampland. There are 3 major rivers being fed by a few dozen wate
  13. I wanted to make a nice big map, but the game limits the size to 256x256. So I saved a blank 256x256 map and edited the file to make it 512x512 and figured I'd upload it for any other map creators to use to save you the trouble of doing the edit. This is just a blank empty map, nonplayable until you load it in the editor and create something Empty-512x512.json
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