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  1. There seem to be two separate issues that could be resolved separately. Putting a levee on a platform (maybe even one of those pretty late game metal ones) would let you move water over valleys. Being able to put dams or floodgates lower down in a dam structure would allow us to tap a whole reservoir. That would rely on some form of water pressure sensing. I've noticed that there does seem to be some flow rate detection where sometimes a dam or floodgate is just too narrow to let enough water through, so that seems to be in the game mathematically already. I think I mentioned somewher
  2. The behavior seems to be more complicated than that... now I've lost some more beavers and it's showing less than full employment, but I've paused some jobs.
  3. So when you look at the interface you see the list of all the jobs in the village. It displays how many of each type of job is filled, but at the top, where the totals are, the total number of all jobs changes and seems to always match the number of currently employed beavers, so, for instance, right now I just had 99 beavers employed out of 99 beavers (despite having unpaused jobs that didn't have workers.) A new worker grew up and the display changed to say I had 100/100 beavers employed. If someone dies it will switch to say 99/99. I'm not sure if the right hand number is supposed to di
  4. I can just see someone showing up and seeing my build and there is nothing but a big farm and a couple of staircases going underground. Green roofs are a thing. Maybe a later faction could have lodges with green roofs. In real life they take a lot of extra structural support so they could maybe take more logs. Maybe the same faction could have drip irrigation... logs hollowed out that basically move water but only irrigate 3-4 blocks on either side of them. That could let you put irrigation on rooftops.
  5. I was frustrated with the district system too but I think mostly it's just that it has a bit of a learning curve. I tried starting one at the next berry patch area but there was no timber on the plateau with me, so I couldn't really get it started. I had to send beavers out and call them back as they got hungry/thirsty. The new district I have though, I was able to use builder's huts to get close enough to build a staircase to get them to the next level, and a dam downstream of them so they would have water during the dry season (I still messed that up by using the water dump to try to mak
  6. luc, that was my next step. I'm a bit gunshy about it though. I already killed a whole district population when I forgot to turn it off during the drought and didn't have deep enough reservoirs in the district for pumps. Maybe we need an option to turn water tanks into 'drink only' tanks so you can segregate the emergency supply from the public works. There are so many advanced objects I want... a mineral drill so you can get more metal late game, log pipes... maybe not enough flow to replace the need for an aqueduct but the ability to balance the water between connected barrels, maybe
  7. Yeah, that's what I'm doing. The problem is that until you have a warehouse for each item you can accidentally bottleneck yourself that way too. Or maybe have building workshops give you the option to take supplies straight from source buildings... it wouldn't be as efficient, but it would at least let you keep a trickle of supplies moving.
  8. Fersus... I don't really feel 'forced' to build new districts. You can, of course, just stay in the original area and maximize what you can do with it. The first thing is that you have to really pay attention to making sure all of your paths are taking the minimum number of tiles to get where you need to go. Sometimes just straightening a path and making sure it doesn't double back at all can get you to a resource. Next, make a lot of builder's huts to extend your building range. Building range, ultimately, is your real limit and you can daisy chain building huts. You have different s
  9. I'm finding that What I'm finding is it's easier to make sure each district can handle the survival stuff on their own... so they have housing, a source of at least basic food and water, relaxation, and for the Iron Teeth some breeders so you don't have to keep sending reinforcements. Once they have the basics to support their population getting them to specialize is easier. I'm working on a district to process ruins and will probably build one to specialize in timber to free up some space in my home district soon. /Also, really scout carefully. There seem to be four ways to sta
  10. Hi. I've been trying to maximize my warehouse performance by setting certain warehouses for key materials. Early on I have a carrot warehouse right near my housing and water barrels and campfires, for instance, so that they don't have to go running half way across the map to get a drink. Things I'll need less often are closer to where they are manufactured or where I'll eventually need them. I'm having a couple different problems though and I'm wondering if there are solutions that I'm just missing. First off, and what I think may be a bug, the stock/desired feature doesn't seem to work
  11. I found that at one point the bottleneck for me that seemed like I wasn't making planks fast enough was because I didn't have enough warehouse space. The lumbermills were sitting idle, full of planks, just waiting to go to the warehouse to be used.
  12. Remember, if your dam is killing your colony and you don't have time to build a fix it can be faster to just do some dam busting. 🙂
  13. It would be nice to be able to place at least levees on top of platforms. It would make an easy way to make aqueducts. I know I could build a super tall levee but that would block water going in the other direction, and all the options to give that other water a way through don't support building on top of them, so for a high altitude aqueduct I'm not seeing any options except possibly the water dump, but that sort of defeats the purpose of an aqueduct since it's no longer just water flow. I'm trying to bring water from the water source on the terraces map over across the valley to the ba
  14. I'm finding that unless I put all my breeding pods in a cluster (they are great for filling in odd corners and squeezing in in tight spaces) it's hard to keep track of them. I know technically they aren't working, but maybe add them to the worker list, as 'future workers'. (I was trying to think of a clever name but any joke about young beaver sounded inappropriate.)
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