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  1. No cultured beaver would drink filthy unfiltered water don't you know?
  2. There are duplicants that are night owls. You can change their shedchule so they work at night
  3. It is done so expanding throught trees is a bit harder. If they would get destroyed instantly you would get easy access to new building space
  4. He did create something else it wasn't a total copy. Besides it was the map created by the developers
  5. There is an option for deleting buildings and resources if you didin't know. For the tree stumps you can just make a path on them so they dissapear and then delete the path
  6. For me the arrows are a little obvious, but I understand that somebody could not realise that you need to connect the arrows to the path. Even though they have improved the tutorial it still seems to lack something. For example they didin't even explain dams that are very important in this game for the beavers to survive
  7. Actually Social life gives kits a 15% bonus to growth speed
  8. what about adding ruins and some dead trees? It feels a bit empty
  9. I dunno. I kind of like that idea because you can plan things for the future. Obviously you can get killed if you don't get stairs, platforms and the forester first, but after you get them researching something that you can't build yet seems like it was either the player's mistake or just plans for the future. If they would make it so you cannot freely research they would probbably add other science points gained from diffrent buildings so it is more complex
  10. With this they could add toilets that could make composting avaiable.
  11. I've seen a couple of people mentioning that they want to be able to place dirt. Platforms cannot function as a farmland and that makes all the grass a sacred space sent from gods that cannot be collected even by dynamite. Which also got me thinking, what about a system where beavers have to go to the toilet? Beavers usually just go do their business in the pond that they swim in. Though seeing how cultured these beavers are (only drinking the water that was pumped by their pumps) they should get a toilet building tailored to their new basic need. Obviously it also makes a composti
  12. I don't know if you know, but little beaver children are actually called kits in English.
  13. I love that the concept of the game originally was that you help a beaver village that settled near a river survive drought season. And people are now creating playable maps that are big islands or lakes maybe someone is even creating a giant sea with a bit of land that also makes floods a problem. Awesome idea btw
  14. Have you tried using the "cancel planting" or whatever it's called button? It is found in the same space on the toolbar where you can choose which trees to plant. Using it on a place where you don't want the forester to plant anymore will make it so there is normal grass left after a lumberjack decides to cut down a tree inside the area you cancelled. Then you can easily put any type of tree or building you wanted to place without wasting grown trees if it is really that important at the moment
  15. It might be the fact that beavers are highly replacable due to them having a pretty short lifespan + the fact that you just move on to trying to survive the droughts because you don't really have time to care about a particular beaver that much
  16. Some buildings have the "ground only" attribute which makes you have to place that building on ground. Buildings do not count as ground. Hope this helps!
  17. What about adding some plant that sits at the bottom of the river? Something like kelp or moss. Adding some underwater building could also be interesting.
  18. I do not think rain water would work. You actually would have to get special roofs to prevent it from contaminating the water tank supply. The reason is that the water that the water pump pumps out gets filtered to be drinkable. After all no genteleman beaver would want to drink some filthy water.
  19. You might've placed it in a way that the entrance isn't connectet to the path. It is very important to rotate it by using the "r" button. But I am not sure if that is the case because the picture is too small
  20. It is also the same with farming. They should make it so you retain the sight of the area where the building reaches
  21. I think it is because haulers cannot empty the storage if they just want to put it in another one for whatever reason. Having the ability to set priority for diffrent hauling post would be useful. I could have one hauling post prioritizing the lumbermills and gears while the second prioriting the water pumps.
  22. I agree to having big water pumps, but I feel like making the requirement to place it in deep water doesn't make sense. Why would you add a water pump that has the depth of a Iron Teeth water pump. It would make the normal Iron teeth water pump be less unique
  23. Forgot to mention why you should name the saves after you close the game yourself. It is so you can more easily identify which save is which to know what map it is and what you did there. It helps you go from one Iron Teeth save on one map to a Folktail save on another.
  24. As you probbably have noticed the save system is not the best. The autosaves mainly are the problem, they don't overwrite the previous autosave making the loading of a diffrent playthrought hard and annoying. For now until it is solved you have to tidy it up yourself. This is where I come with help! First you should start manually saving the game before you close it (it will help later). In the main menu as you most surely know there is a "Load Game" button, in it you can find all the autosaves making a huge mess. After clicking the button you can find the "browse
  25. The hard mode already makes you have 24 day long droughts. I think the lenght of the drought stops increasing in normal after going to 6-8 days long due to lack of content for this early access. It might also be there to encourage players to get more districts. The batteries are a cool idea, but it is a thing id like to see in the late game, it is the same with the quarries you should be able to build them with metal. fire would make sense during a storm or just something deciding to burn from a building with fire near it (campfire, the flame of progress statue) and for tornadoe
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