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  1. They also have a suggestion subforum here, rather than use general.
  2. But a horse is about 1/50th the strength of a beaver, so makes for a better discrete unit!
  3. Sounds like you're doing something wrong, but I can't tell what, because your screenshot is at less-than-phone resolution.
  4. More specifically, they're 0.5 high, so water has to exceed that to overflow.
  5. You just answered your own question.
  6. So... You want them to not work on any colony stuff, so that they can focus on a gimmick that maybe a small portion of people would use?
  7. And yet, we have speedruns, and nuzlocke, and all other sort of ways to play that show that's just not true. If a game's core mechanics are enjoyable, it doesn't matter how much the fun could be optimised away; people simply won't do that.
  8. All that'll do is increase the rush to it, and frustration as those chasing it fail to reach it.
  9. Or maybe we just don't consider any of that, since there will always be a "best option" for the meta that will get rushed. The only thing that matters is whether said "best option" is fun to use.
  10. I like the idea of wood pipes that leak; losing capacity with each tile, but irrigating the surrounding area. And metal pipes that don't for the iron tail of course.
  11. Currently district's only show their current range when you're placing them, which makes it basically guesswork as to how far it can reach with paths. While showing the maximum range might be slightly confusing when paths meander, this is countered by the fact paths already show how far a district can reach along them, when said district is selected.
  12. Well the walls would also have a nice side-benefit of reducing the pathfinding load, since beavers don't always stick to paths.
  13. Yeah, no. Trees only regrow in two situations: When replanted by a forester, Or when there is a grown tree adjacent. Thus keeping trees alive is an important factor to survival. What you're suggestion would add a tonne of tedium, over and over again.
  14. Yessss, resurrect the dead to work the graveyard shift! The necropaw clan shall rise!
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