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  1. Description: In this gorgeous valley the beavers have access to three rivers. They start in a favorable position, but with limited wood and grass. The valleys offer plenty of terraforming capabilities though, for the ingenious beavers. I've playtested only a little bit on Normal and Hard difficulty. It seems possible to survive on Hard. Let me know if you have any suggestions or complaints about the map! I don't mind trying to improve the map. Hope you enjoy! Valleys 156 x 156.json
  2. Weird, I've had no issues yet. By quickly looking at the pictures I saw that the windmill produces 47 hp, while the sawmill requires 50. Perhaps that's the issue?
  3. Hi Pekey, Could you explain a bit more what part doesn't work? How have you connected the power? Regards, Sjovaldi
  4. Hi Adobe, That's quite funny actually. Maybe you can roll back a save? Alternatively, you can build additional district centres, maybe you can try to simply build a new one in place of the old one? Regards, Sjovaldi
  5. Hi Dicarbondioxide101, This button is already in the game, I believe to the right of the 'plant trees' button. There you can select to destroy buildings and also to demolish resources.
  6. After a bit more thought I came up with more possibilities for this idea. The first idea is a small change for the idea above. The river could provide goods rarely during the wet season, but right after the dry season there can be a larger heap of goods. This can make sense because many trees might have fallen upriver due to the drought and are now all being brought down by the river. Another idea is that instead of river "junk", beavers send resources down the river in some form of boat. This would add two, maybe three buildings for transport: a harbor for building and loading boa
  7. Hi everyone, I had the idea that (somewhat similar to Banished) it is possible to obtain some resources from the river. Not in the form of a trader, but random "junk" that sometimes flows by which could be trees or metal parts for example. It could maybe even be exotic plants before which you do not have access to its seeds. To catch the junk one would need to build nets or special dams across the river. As this changes the game quite a bit it could be implemented as optional or through a different game mode. Any thoughts on this idea? Regards, Sjovaldi
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