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  1. Being able to move completed buildings around would be helpful! That way I wouldn't have to demolish building as often 😛
  2. They'll reproduce as long as there are sufficient homes for the offspring to inhabit! If birth rate has slowed down and your colony is shrinking, I suggest you start building more lodges, and ensure that there will be plenty of food and water for your growing population. Hope this helps!
  3. Hello there! I'd like to suggest a new game feature which notifies the player of potential problems before they arise. I've played around 13 hours so far, and have noticed that it can be very difficult to rectify problems once they've occurred. For instance, if your beaver population dwindles suddenly (due to old age, thirst, hunger, etc,) building up your population again - particularly with the folktails faction - takes a really long time. This is part of the challenge, and encourages forward-planning, which is great! However, I think players would find it easier to navigate challe
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