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  1. Tutorial doesn't cover anything to do with dams, I have no idea how floodgates work and it takes hours to collect the science points necessary to build such things, not including the resources required on top of it. And you have to slow down your more critical processes to focus on these things, so don't feel bad, you're not alone. I had 7 large water tanks, with 7 pumps, 4 irrigation towers, in a small town. Was close to "completing", totally fleshing out the city with everything built, but then I had a 9 day drought. Killed every beaver even though I was overbuilt on everything. 10
  2. They aren't roads, they are paths, which shouldn't even be a thing. Another arbitrary feature of this game that only serves to detract and make it confusing. If you actually watch the beavers, they will walk in whatever direction they want sometimes to go collect resources, but then they have to walk back strictly on the pre designated path (for no reason, they aren't using carts or anything). Another confusing element they don't bother telling players, and yeah, it's a real PITA trying to delete things, especially since there's like 5 different destroy tools in multiple different c
  3. Apparently I'm a masochist as I'm starting another game. I want to move my starting district to a better location at the beginning of a new game but I can't because then I'll lose all my starting food. The reason being it's placed on fertile soil which I want to use. I want to temporarily move it onto dry dirt and then eventually on platforms on water so it's central and not taking up space that can be used. I still don't know how distribution posts/drop offs work, but even if I did, it would take 3-4 hours of gameplay to have the science/resources necessary to even do that. Y
  4. I agree, first thing I noticed when opening the game. Using borderless gaming for now but native borderless preferred.
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