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  1. When your colonies reach hundreds of beavers, you care about all of them or none of them. Making sure your colony is fed, means making sure each of your beavers is fed. Sure: you don't think about Bob the beaver per se, but you're their monarch and the beavers rely upon you for their well being. I found myself thinking: well, that build is pretty solid. Now they don't really need me anymore. I wish I could send them off and let them do their own thing like one can do in Dwarf Fortress.
  2. google translate says: We created a third base, crushed the first base, and renamed the third base district 1. When I changed the name of the stronghold, I was unable to go to the loading screen and return to the game?
  3. yes, in games like this unemployment is a boon, not a bane. I kinda like that. after a baby boom mass dying is inevitable. I even run an unemployment rate of about 20-30% just because I can. But on tougher maps/difficulties where this workaround is not possible, it's really annoying/dangerous to not see your waterpumping beavers die and run low on water... So yeah: this should really be a thing!
  4. after some experimenting I found this: this can be extended as much as needed. three houses need a one tile high building to stand on top, but that's easily done with basic warehouses. I set mine up to only hold food and put two water basins next to it, so the beavers don't have far to food and water (the beavers on the top appartment do have to travel quite a bit to get somewhere) And yes: I built this on top of my drought-emergency water pool that doubles as irrigation for the farms nearby ^^
  5. I wholeheartedly agree! I did mention the exact same thing in my "speedrun" post. At the moment the only ting one can do to work around that is to diligently watch the water pumps all the time to catch the dying beavers. It's the same thing with farms: I really would love to "paint" over existing crops, so that the next time they get harvested and replanted the new crop is planted. Here I have to sit and watch as well to efficiently switch a field to a new crop (same with trees of course). Sitting and watching does not really count as a fun game experience in my opinion...
  6. given that the mirrored lodge is a specialty of the first faction, I don't see that coming for everyone, but more mirrored buildings would be nice, I agree!
  7. AS beavers can now cope with wet feet, it's totally feasible to close all the floodgates about half a day prior to the drought. When you get buildings under water right when the drought starts you've got the best you can do.
  8. It would also be nice, if all buildings that allow player to set up something would show these settings already while it's still under construction. that way we can set up warehouses the way we want before any beaver is ever able to put something in there...
  9. I have to agree with William: A game is fundamentally a set of restraining rules that are in place to make overcoming certain challenges interesting. On challenge in this game is "keep your beavers alive through the droughts", implicitly stating, that droughts are there to trouble the player. I don't have a problem with players finding a creative way to circumvent a certain problem: that is fun! (and I wouldn't say the solution is really "cheap". It's cheap in terms of water and in terms of material, but it still requires labor and quite some space.) The problem is, if one faction ge
  10. a district center should at least be a worse but functional distribution center/drop off point.
  11. I think as well, that a (research wise) expensive spiral staircase would be a neat addition, but I don't see it as very important. Maybe as a faction specific thing?
  12. You can rather easily build your own "sandbox mode" just set up a stable district with a surplus and let them run a few cycles until your stockpiles are full, then you can afford to build unnecessary things in the fringes of the district and play around with different setups. As for the different paths depending on the selected building: the way I understand it, each building has it's own reach and so if all your housing is on one end of a district the beavers might not get to the other side of the district. That way it could be possible to have unemployment and empty production buildings
  13. Well according to my picture in my post above: you can't daisy chain builders huts. The building hut is on the last possible tile in range of the district center and it did not increase the building range. I placed the two stairs there before building the builders hut. So sadly, the only option to extend the building range (given the roads are all optimized already) are either a new district or a "new district" (= delete the original district center, place a "new" district center in a way it still reaches whatever you've built so far, or at least the vital parts, but also extends it's bui
  14. Water will flow out a the map on each tile EXCEPT for the tiles that generate water...
  15. I have to say I only had a problem with the forester once. After that I realized how important it is and this makes it the second thing I research (the first being the decor bush, for the buff in productivity). Stairs only need 1 plank, the forester needs 7, that's really not that much and given that logs are not used up by anything that early in the game (which excludes the engine). So even if you forget about the forester and you build it rather late, It should still be manageable. Stairs don't cost that much either so as long as you remember to only build stairs to areas that yield more log
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