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  1. 1. Does water in rivers evaporate? Does farming and growing trees drain water out of nearby rivers/reservoirs? If it does, does it draw water faster or slower than irrigation towers? 2. Is there a way to put a hard limit on the number of a certain item to store? 3. How much food and water does each beaver need each day?
  2. I don't think water evaporates (The first couple times I played the demo, my reservoir laster longer than 8 days). It seems that growing crops/trees drains water though.
  3. I just picked up the demo and played through one game. Although I have limited experience, here are my suggestions which may improve the game, taking into account the developer announcements. 1. Storage and warehouses: I never understood how the warehouse requests worked, as my beavers would fill my warehouses way above the requests. I think that warehouses should have two settings for each resource the warehouse manages: "Requested" and "Maximum." Workers will never fill a resource above its maximum, and will prioritize placing resources in the nearest warehouse with less of that resourc
  4. 1. Agree. Perhaps you could decide which building to unlock before you do the research, and you would then get a bonus the research since the beavers know exactly what to study. The research points would be applied as a discount to the chosen item, unlocking it automatically once the discount equals the cost. 2. I don't really agree with this one, but holy cow, water tanks are pricey. Water wheels are not exactly cheap, either. And flags isn't really the main restriction on wood gathering, but the amount of nearby wood is. 3. I'm pretty sure you can use the elevated platforms, but yo
  5. I would like to add that even when I set my warehouse to request 50 berries, it still filled up with berries, crowding out the much more valuable potatoes. I think warehouses should have a "minimum" and "maximum" for each resource, so beavers will prioritize placing resources in warehouses that do not have the "minimum," and warehouses above their requested quantity for a resource will send resources to warehouses below it. Additionally, beavers will never place resources exceeding a warehouse's maximum for that resource.
  6. Or have higher level pumps which can reach further down (though the highest tier should be unlimited) and/or make the pumping speeds slower based on how far the pump is above the waterline. That way, it would get harder and harder to draw water as the dry season progresses. These disadvantages would help balance the more powerful pumps.
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