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  1. First off, great game. Already got me hooked. Finished the demo on both maps a couple of times now, and I've only been playing for 3 days.


    First of a suggestion to the user interface. It would be great to have a way of seeing how much water and food is consumed by your current population. Makes planning for the dry season (which is a great concept for a beaver colony based game) a lot easier. Could add to that a way of seeing how much storage capacity your dammed off basin has with it's current consumption off water pumps, crops, forests etc. (don't actually know if irrigation is consuming water, but it should).

    Also a suggestion for assigning workers. Would be great if a building had an option to manually pick one of the workers within range as the worker. I had on the default map two population centres, and I had a hard time getting workers for my forestry outpost, because all the workers within range were already doing jobs on one of the buildings between the outpost and the main town. I was phasing out the older forestry stations, but since they were manned by older inhabitants, had to pause about half my town to get the right workers available, then start the forestry, then the rest. Same for assigning workers/workstations to a particular work area. This makes that you can build two buildings simultaneously, but also make sure that a woodcutter (or wood muncher in your game) will stay away of those last few trees that are closer but leave them for the other wood munchers and focus on his own brand new forest.

    With tree growth I had a few issues. Some munched pine trees just wouldn't regrow after I placed some birch seedlings in the area. Also the growth time for the poplars isn't correct. Think it says 9 days, but I think it's more something like 4. Think the 4 is a good balance compared to the natural 12 of pines, as planting them will net you a 50% increase.

    Then on performance. I'm a perfectionist, so when I don't like the start (placed a building wrong etc) I restart the game instead of break it of and build again. After doing that a couple of times, the performance really started to lag. Long loading times, pauses in the game (especially when I paused/unpaused the game or when moving/rotating a building to be places) and even to a point where the music started to sound like a cd with a scratch in it. Also the autosave, the more it has autosaved in the current session, the worse it became.

    On general gameplay, I saw a few people suggest increase birth rate. I have to disagree. If anything, especially once you're of a certain size (let's say one year in), you get new beavers quicker than you can build useful buildings for them. I like the management of pausing buildings to free up workers. In the second year I've always had plenty of workers and not enough buildings that I needed to build for them. If anything, let the old ones die a bit sooner (damn I sound morbid).

    The last one might be a bit hard for you guys to place it in. I take for example your starting building. The backside has 4 platforms. I would love it if I could "build over" that. Snugging in two homes, replacing those 4 platforms, without destroying them, which of course doesn't work because of the building on top. This would of course only work for platforms and only with "solid" buildings. But probably a pain in the ass to implement.


    That's my contribution for now. Will do a few more playthroughs, might get back to you guys. Keep up the great work.




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