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  1. The new graphics are outstanding. Can't wait to build those multilevel housing blocks. I'm not completely sure about the district system, I will have to try it out before I can make up my mind about this. There is one thing I am wondering though. If we can start building under water, does that mean we can build watertanks there as well? If so, do they fill up automatically because they are.. under water? And wouldn't that mean that water pumps become pretty much obsolete? And what about growing trees and crops under water? Or building engine-driven carroussels? Questions... questions...
  2. What I would like to suggest is to have a single button to specify the purpose of a warehouse. . E.g. only allow food (berries, bread, carrots, potato, wheat) or materials (everything else). We can already specify which materials can go in which warehouse, but we have to edit every single material, in every single warehouse. Having a single button to do that same thing would make our lives easier.
  3. Great to see that the lag issues have been resolved. I can tell the game plays a lot smoother now. Also the new building priority is a great relief and certainly helps with managing builds. Can't wait to see more.
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