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  1. you can move the map with the mouse, check the options menu
  2. Forgot to add: the spanish translation is pretty nice, didn't notice any glaring "who put this in google translate" errors hahaha so good work on that part too.
  3. So, I just played the demo, for a couple cycles before I just saved the game and closed for today. Most of the game seems good, a bit basic so far, but being able to build in 3D, buildings on top of buildings, feels great. Hope the game goes more in this direction. Also the water mechanics felt good aswell, I'd say it's the part that makes the game more iconic, should definitely expand on that (like, being able to more directly manipulate the water, being able to close or open dams at will, etc.) And a nice bit that I noticed, on the first dry season, it only lasts like 2-3 days, which
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