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  1. I also find it annoying that the engine continues to burn wood even after you pause it, but it does not give power output.
  2. Or as beavers would probably do, pump water up high for potential energy and release it in a turbine when power is needed.
  3. Building layers of stairs takes a lot of space, often more than the building itself. Stairs that are in 90 degrees angle, or spiraling would save a lot of space if you could climb a stair and turn at the same square. Next step would perhaps be a powered elevator shaft for very high structures.
  4. I agree! A lot of time goes to controlling gates and water levels. I have another request: A floodgate or dam gate that opens at the bottom which you can build levees on. That would make it possible to build water reservoirs very high and not being limited to the height of triple gates. And also WOW, I love this game, logged 45h so far.
  5. I tend to use Path, Platforms and Stairs quite a lot. It would speed up the game a bit if there were key bindings for these, and other things. Configurable would of course be the best.
  6. What's left of Empire State Building? Is the Statue of Liberty still standing? How do I turn Central Park green again? Let's find out!😀 //Imperius If unable to download, try this instead: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/9xta1iarpwi7o/Manhattan Manhattan.json
  7. I expected there was a list and started looking for it, but apparently ther isn't! On my wishlist 🙂
  8. I agree, this is one of the things I find most annoying right now.
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