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  1. Hello, sharing some ideas and hopes for the various beaver factions. I'm really hoping the factions feel very different from each other more so than just a different colored beaver strolling around the camp. It would be cool to see a faction of beavers that can swim and are able to find resources within the water. I've seen some comments suggesting Clay gets added as a resource, and the swimmer beavers could access clay much easier and quicker than the other factions. A beaver faction that is able to dig into the ground to create caves, mine for resources like rock, ore, gems, or stone to buil
  2. Hello! Just sharing some thoughts after completing the demo a couple of times. I've seen several posts suggesting possible weather interactions and I think that would be a great addition to the full game. Rain storms that cause flooding or save you during the dry season, lightning storms that cause fire, fierce wind gusts that affect the power wheels or cause other problems. The wind could do a lot even down to changing the walk speed of the beavers if they are walking into the wind or away from it, maybe a bit more than the devs want to think about adding, but it could be a neat addition. Als
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