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  1. The beavers will do jobs in the order you placed them, as long as that site is turned on and has material. if, for example, you place a levee, then a forested, then another levee, but only have 2 planks, they will build the levee, the forester except missing planks, then the second levee and come back to the forester when the planks get made. if you place 10 levees and then find you need to build something else first, you can either remove the levees OR shut them off until the higher priority thing is done.
  2. Make sure you research the Forester before the end of the first season, so that tree production is full swing before the halfway point of the second wet season. don't concentrate so much on water tanks because you can keep pumping from the river as long as it has water. Don't irrigate. the demo is too short for that. blast a channel for the river to flow into instead to get the last of the land at the river level irrigated. what scares me more than the drought is that there are references in some of the writeups to floods. I have no idea what it will take to correct those!
  3. Agree. Setting High, Medium, Low priority on things would be super helpful. I don't know if I'm different, but I like to have the beavers setup the workshops first, then do paths so things get rolling. But to know where to place buildings, it's best to place the paths first so that you can make the paths efficient. It's frustrating having to do mental calculus of *which* building needs placed first to get them worked in the right order. An alternative would be to have an interface that shows the build queue and let players move items up or down the queue. Of course, these are QOL features,
  4. If you are getting no babies, you don't have enough, or any, houses. Homeless beavers make no babies.
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