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  1. This is the way it's intended to work. It's just the help text that is misleading. "Solid" only means you can build regular structures on top. Levees and Dams can only be built on top of levees or solid ground. Therefore, Dams can only be the cap for a dam structure. As I've mentioned before, I think it would add a lot of flexibility for what the player can do, with little work for the developers if they allowed Dams to be placed lower down in a dam structure.
  2. Having a dynamic environment can really elevate a city builder game like this. It's best if the environment feels natural, and the challenge of the game emerges from the changing environment. Some randomness in the environment is good to add replayability. But it shouldn't be completely unpredictable. It can be a great feeling to make a plan that accounts for possible disasters, and then to survive the worst the game can throw at you. It can also be great fun to watch what you've built fall apart, and rebuild or start over. But it can also feel pretty bad when that happens. It's a tough needle
  3. Yes, task management can be a little confusing at first. Beavers automatically pick up tasks if they have nothing else to do. Tasks are controlled through the buildings, not through assigning beavers directly. So if you want to make beavers switch tasks, you need to disable the building they're currently working in. It can also be confusing because it can take them a while to acknowledge a change. If they're currently in the middle of a task that can't be easily paused, they'll finish it before switching tasks. And some tasks like hauling can take quite a long time. Hope that he
  4. I decided to go for max possible height of 18, with a stack of 17 houses and 1 monument. I also tried to minimize use of pause for this game. I used basically the same design as last time, just extended it a bit. I had to dig down two levels to get there (and I verified that I couldn't dig any lower). Due to my minimal-pause constraint, I almost didn't make it. That's why the only completed image is at night. P.S. It would be nice to not allow building explosives on the lowest level, instead of allowing the player to waste the resources, and telling them afterwards that they can't u
  5. Nice! I see you went for freestanding, not making use of the terrain to help get to higher levels. Since you were going for max houses per land used, that makes sense. And yes, walking distance to the top is definitely an important factor if you are aiming for functionality. Still, I found that even the highest houses on my skyscraper could reach everything in my core city. But it was a lot of extra distance they'd have to walk to get to sleep every night. Also, I had waaay more houses than I needed, so no-one lived on the higher levels. You can build things on top of stairs, it
  6. Try to build the tallest, most efficient building you can. All building doors must be accessible. Height is measured as the greatest number of stacked structures on a single square. (it does no good to find the tallest point on the map and build from there.) Efficient can mean "height per material", "building per material", or "least land used". Take your pick. Bonus points for capping it with a monument. Maximum height is 18. Probably. There's a height cap to the maps. I've counted up, but I haven't tried to dig down that far. Here's an example with height 15: h
  7. To reproduce: Look for a beaver that's hauling from one stockpile to another. Find it's destination and set the "Empty storage" flag. They will stop carrying to that stockpile. Sometimes they will re-target a different stockpile. Sometimes they'll just drop the material into the void and do something else. The difference may be that Haulers will try to find a new destination but non-Hauler carriers will drop into the void. But I haven't tested that. It seems like the re-targeting is the desired behavior.
  8. Love the game! I noticed a minor balance issue, and I wanted to check if you meant for it to work this way. Nutrition II seems way more important than any other well-being stat. It doubles the effective hauling speed of lumberjacks and builders due to a threshold effect. They can carry 2 logs instead of 1. (logs weigh 6, so 10 str = haul 1 log. 13 str = haul 2 logs) And by carrying 2 logs, they cut out an entire round trip, meaning the return trip speed is effectively doubled, too. Those two jobs account for at least 1/4 of your workforce, sometimes much more. And travel time swamps
  9. Nice! Those stairs look like boat ramps. How much of that did you build with just the two builder flags? Did the lake last the whole second dry season? Here's what I did to dam up the big lake. https://imgur.com/a/zVISLq4 It's not an independent colony, but it could have been fairly easily. But I needed a monumental amount of logs to build the second and third levels of the dam, so I really needed the airlifts from home base. Also, I really wanted to get started before the first dry season. I didn't end up finishing the 3rd level of the dam because I w
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