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  1. PS. I fixed it when playing by disabling and reenabling the house. It’s possible it was just chance that I paused it at the right frame. But I don’t think so, but if it fixes it’s self on reloading the it not a big problem.
  2. That’s what I’m seeing when I loaded my save. But I think that when I saved this bug they where suck like that for a while. Because that base does not have a path back to the main base there are normally 5 or 6 adults in 2 houses. I found the bug when checking to see why I only had 4.
  3. Disclaimer: I have been editing the game to turn back "Cycle" to 1 and incressing the "DrySeasonDuration" starting at 15 and increasing by 15 each season. I don't think it linked to the bug but who knows and always nice to have a good reason to ignore a bug. In the save game included, At the little outpost where the river exited the map there are 2 houses (under wearhouses) the both have 2 slots taken up by the same beaver. Might be related to the fact that this outpost sometimes has a path back to the main base where newly adults can move to and some time the path is blocked by
  4. I agree it’s confusing but the reason why is there is no wood pile in range of the build sight. You can make the wood pile in range by building roads or a second one closer.
  5. I think the rule is there must be an empty house slot before a beaver can be born.
  6. I don’t know what the full game will be like. But here an idea. Campaign mode: you start with 2 or 3 maps unlocked and have to complete them to unlock others. You can have a world map which is a picture of an area with context locations. Each map will have it’s own wet/dry season timings getting harder as you go along. These can be changed by selecting easy/medium or hard. To complete a map you have to make it to the end with X beavers a live. If you do this you will win with one star and unlock other maps. Completing maps may unlock other beaver types or buildings (you
  7. Yes if you don’t have room to house all you beavers then you will not get any new borns. To get the max birth rate you want 1 house for every 2 beavers. If you have 3+ beavers and only one house you will not get any new kids. (If I understand the new system). I like this new system.
  8. Your right, no one cares. Just like no one cares that Minecraft is a world of cubes. Or in team fortress you respawn when you die, Or in chess the horsies have to move in L shapes. Who cares if it makes sense if it’s fun to play and this game is. If humans die out who to say what beavers will evolve into. Will they build in squares and lose the ability to swim. Who knows and who cares it’s a fun game.
  9. OK some thoughts on water physics/strategies. All information in this post is what I think is going on, some all or none of this information is correct. The first dry season is 3 days long, a small one high dam will see you through or even a load of water tanks but the second dry season is 15 days long so we will need to understand how water works. Water leaves a tile in one of 3 ways: It can flow out. You can pump it out to drink or too use in Irrigation towers It evaporates. It’s worth noting that water height is not effected by how many trees, crops or gras
  10. Once you have more then 2 wearhouses it can be hard to get the items you need quickly. Imagen you have 3 wearhouses A, B, C you are make exploise at A and using them at C If you dont get them at C before the dry season you are going to lose 1/2 you beavers to thrust, or maybe you are making planks you need to get a beaver off a roof of a house and your sitting there watching him starve while your haulers are moving logs or food around. There should be a Priority flag next to each item in a wearhouse, the first thing your haulers do is check to see if they can move a Priority item to a
  11. OK so I took this a a design challenge and not a build it challenge. So I might of cheated a bit when building it. My goal was least land used to get to 35 houses (to houses the max 70 beavers in the demo). One of the problems I found when building this is the range of the house at the top make this unhelpful in normal game play. Also makes it hard to build I had to add a second short cut to get to the higher levels. luckily there was room and only increased my footprint by 2. My biggest problem is you cant build anything on top of stairs so each layer you lose one spot. a
  12. I made a lot of TNT. (Its a lot of work to get TNT up and running in the demo, you need a lot of planks and gears to make the buildings) I made a second path for the river turning a lot of dried grown green. Also hit 70 population.
  13. The builders hut on the starting side go me started, it build a water pump, 2 houses and a warehouse. The warehouse has to be built a the far range of the builders hut because you need to build a gathering flag in range of the berries and the warehouse before you can eat. Once there is a path across the river that (you need to do quite quick to get more food) it is no longer truly independent as there is a long path back home that the beavers will use to switch houses. The lake dried out on the last day of the second dry season which is fine the water tanks covered that and even if the
  14. You can out last the second dry season. But you do need to dam more water then the first to get ready for it. There is plants to do in the first dry season, you should be working on perp for your second dam at least. But the second on it very much a wait and see if you make it.
  15. I agree. Other wise you just have to make a second pump lower down that is going to be under water the next wet season which looks bad.
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