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  1. Hey thought I just had with this. I wasn't a big fan of seeing random thunderstorms in another post, it seems like a lucky/easy way to just get more water and be helpful. Forest fire during dry season would be cool as well! It can turn trees into dead trees and eventually kill them. Maybe add a firefighting building then!
  2. Besides that, if developers read this. I really really really like this game a lot. Anthropomorphic beaver civ/survival setting is super awesome. Discovering how dams work was really awesome. At first I was frustrated b/c I didn't know how they worked until just trying. Water physics looks cool. The change in wet/dry seasons is awesome! Great job devs, excited for the game when it comes out.
  3. Hi, I played this game a lot a few weekends ago and had a lot of thoughts down. I looked through some posts but seemed like a bit too many items to find each post about it so sorry if some are reposted.. Tutorial 1) Highlight buttons - I've seen posts that say to totally revamp which is good. But one useful thing is to highlight the button needed to be clicked. It took me a while to find which button in the menu was the right option. This was certainly frustrating. Conversely, disabling the other buttons would work too. Or adding an arrow, just needs an indication. 2) Emphasize tha
  4. This was something I very much wanted to see as I dammed up several parts of the beginning of the river in the first map. Also gives a good way to accommodate your dams in the river during rainy vs dry season
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