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  1. Playing on Canyon. I built my first dam as far downstream as I could to be able to provide natural irrigation to as much of my colony's land as possible. I built a second dam of two stories, fairly close to a waterfall (see attachment), allowing water to back up the river. I tried to have a dam on the lower tier to allow some flow once the dry season hit. Dams say they are solid, but another dam or levee couldn't be built on top of the lower tiers dam. So although I could stop the flow of water, the only way I could replenish the first reservoir was to demolish part of the dam, and let wa
  2. I'm playing the demo. During the second dry season, eventually the water stopped by my dam dries up. As soon as this happens, the workers at the water pumps become unemployed. However, there may be water remaining in the water pumps storage. These workers should remain employed at the water pump until the stored water there is dispersed to water storage tanks.
  3. Why do I get only 2 logs out of a pine tree, but it costs 12 logs for a tiny shrub decoration?
  4. I had 3 houses, occupied by 6 beavers (2 each). 4 beavers were still homeless. And still it took 12 days to get a child. so, the new system requires ALL beavers to be housed before any children will be born? Not a fan of that idea.
  5. Been playing Canyon after the new patch. Some observations: -it took 12 days after the first lodge to get my first child. much longer than prior to the patch -three adults are living in a lodge (see screenshots) -i had some flooding, and a sleeping mat was moved (i've seen this with placing a building where a mat was also), the mat was placed and the beaver went to it, but the beaver couldn't leave the area, as it was completely isolated (if the beaver could manage to get there, why couldn't it leave)(see screenshot). The beaver eventually died of thirst Thanks for listenin
  6. Could lumberjacks be programmed to deliver logs to a build site, if it is closer to them than the log pile? Thanks for listening
  7. I know that this may be nitpicking, but the detail in the dam sections actually shows the sluice. How about showing water flowing over the dam when applicable. Thanks for listening
  8. Playing Canyon scenario. I laid down some new dirt path to be constructed along the edge on the level above the beavers starting level (next to the stirs going up to the left of the starting point. The paths were built just fine, but the beavers built them from their starting level. They didn't climb the stairs and build the paths on the level that the paths were on. Paths were built in their normal time, it just didn't look correct with the workers building the paths from the level below.
  9. Just started playing the Demo a few days ago. I really like the game. Being anal, City Builders are my favorite, as they bring out the best in me. I love the planning challenges. This game reminds me a lot of Banished, but the beavers are great angle. Suggestion: Beavers are very efficient, and if the need to destroy a building happens (especially if the beavers are still acquiring materials), there should be some percentage of the buildings resources returned to the warehouses/log pits. Please finish development quickly, as I want to play for more than two cycles. Thanks
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