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  1. If the developers reward at all, it should be with something cosmetic - not a free full game. Something simple, like santa hats for the beavers or something lol
  2. A few ideas... - Thunderstorm causes a forest fire which threatens your wood supply - Flash flood causes water to spill over the banks up to a certain amount of tiles, damaging buildings but irrigating crops (would encourage farms to be placed along rivers) - Insects or diseases that affect crops - Shooting star that fills the "Awe" trait for a period of time - Mudslides from rain that break down raised tiles by a lower elevation plain - Humans? A hunter/trapper that strolls by your beaver village or a hiker passerby that affects the traits of beavers, whether it
  3. Having a lot of food is great and all... until bears notice. Adding danger to the mix would create a really fun dynamic, forcing you to consider how you build up your defenses. Build a wall, traps, train beaver warriors, and fend off predators.
  4. The title sums it up. Would be great to have the ability to grow crops and trees faster by producing and spreading fertilizer. Fertilizer could be created by composting surplus crops which, over time, turn into fertilizer.
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