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  1. Certainly the full game shouldn't be free. I would buy it now if it was available to be able to get past the first 2 cycles. I think it's a mistake that they are putting off releasing a full version. They should release a paid full version as it is now and label it a beta version and continue with their plans to improve the game. I'd buy it. The revenue would help them with further developments and they would get more and better feedback.
  2. I think only idle beavers do it though. It's especially annoying when you see beavers moving stuff from one to another and other beavers moving the same stuff in the other direction. There needs to be some sort of balance here or better logic to reduce beaver wasted time.
  3. The other thing you could do is pause all your other constructions. I think there is a hotkey for pausing that might be useful.
  4. As a player, I find that you have to think about what you are using wood for. Sometimes you have to put things off until you have more wood. It is definitely a resource management game. Also keep making paths and stairs to the more distant trees to keep the wood flowing until your planted trees are grown. And start forestry as soon as possible. That said, I agree, there need to be returned resources when dismantling buildings. It always pains me when I dismantle a building and get nothing in return.
  5. I hid the UI to admire my handy work as the second dry season was coming to an end. When the game ended with the UI hidden, I was no longer able to do anything with the game. I could not return the UI to close the game. I had to manually crash the game to close it.
  6. Never mind. I just realized I forgot to mark the trees for chopping.
  7. I'm having the same issue. Flag, wood pile and trees are in range of each other but the beavers just stand on the flag and do nothing. Here's a screenshot. Fixed1.tiff
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