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  1. Hi everyone ! after playing 8.5h on the demo (according to steam) here's my feedback. for the record i posted essentially the same thing in the google form, but i'll post it here too and expand a bit. ********** I really want to see more interesting water mechanics, such as "water conveyor belts" of sorts or a water wheel to bring water uphill. right now the irrigation building really seems to me like the least interesting way to irrigate land, and carrying water in buckets feels really silly, even for beavers. and you're so strained in water during the dry season that i'll never delib
  2. i never had any issue with the path drawing system, seems pretty straightforward to me. for the stairs however... i don't know what to think, this is the first thing i research in every game i played, but i don't think 70 science is too expensive. I am skeptical about the research mecanic as a whole though.
  3. i'll make my own list of suggestions, but i just want to point out that i agree with a good 90% of your ideas 😀
  4. agreed, but because mecanical power is provided by spinny things, rather than pipes you need some sort of bucket conveyer thing
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